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Ugly outdoor spaces undergo incredible transformations at the hands of England’s popular garden guru, Matt James. Bringing his creative ideas and inspiration stateside, Matt proves that even the smallest and shabbiest of spaces can become something lush and stylish. Urban Outsiders tackles outdoor transformations from New York to Los Angeles, and does it all with energy, personality and modern flair. The concrete jungle has never looked this cool!

Episode 1 Tranquil Family Retreat

Jon & Shawn Morehead bought their Brooklyn apartment years ago but since then they have had 2 children. He sets about turning the backyard into a green garden fit for both adults and children.

Episode 2 A Lounge Garden

Zeina Farha is a single New Yorker with a love for modern furniture. Her retro taste is in her home but not the yard. Matt James aims to turn the dead garden into a place where Zeina can chill out.

Episode 3 English Cottage Garden

Jennifer Dondero is a green-fingered native New Yorker. Matt James’ challenge is to transform the space into a traditional English cottage garden using natural stone, reclaimed brick & timber pergola.

Episode 4 Contemporary Classic  Backyard

Cleve and Megan Brakefield are expecting a baby, but their miniscule backyard is hardly child friendly. Host Matt James uses a combination of sleek granite and old school brick to transform the space into a contemporary oasis where the couple and their new arrival can relax.

Episode 5 Two View Garden

Allan Suarez & Evelyn Gonzales have a history with their house since Allan has lived there since he was a child. Matt James brings structure to the yard making it a relaxed space that looks great.

Episode 6 Tuscan Basement Garden

Scott & Susan Smith’s basement garden is cold, grey and lifeless. Matt James uses a handmade Tuscan terracotta tiles, evergreen plants, paint & railway ties to create a lush hideaway that feels light.

Episode 7 Contemporary Spanish Yard

Adam & Stephanie Guggenheim have had their Spanish-influenced LA home renovated from top to bottom. The work has taken a year & now that it’s finished, they have turned their attention to the yard.

Episode 8 Rustic Landscape Retreat

Kip & Shannon live in Pasadena but the garden is a complete L-shaped disaster. Matt James uses a combo of classy tiles & rustic willow screening to turn this forgotten space into a classy space.

Episode 9 Japanese-Inspired Garden

Truc Tang & Jae Lee live in Sherman Oaks with their dog, Pixie. They have a good-sized yard, but simply don’t know where to start. Matt transforms it into a contemporary Japanese-influenced garden.

Episode 10 Drought-Tolerant Backyard

Michael & Christy French moved into their Californian home years ago & remodeled the house. They ran out of inspiration when it came to the garden & it has become a tired, rundown space.

Episode 11 The Outdoor Room

Gerry Cornell leads a busy life in Long Beach & has remodeled his home into a hangout. He ran out of inspiration when he got to his back patio. Matt turns the patio into an extension of Gerry’s home.

Episode 12 The Low-Maintenance Garden

Patti Olmsted is a busy fast food executive that spends most of her life on the road between business meetings. The garden has been left to suffer; in fact, it’s been left to go to ruin.

Episode 13 Trendy Tropical Garden

Newlyweds Matt & Michelle Turner have lived in their cute, trendy Venice home for 3 years. They love the house but hate the garden. Matt creates a lush tropical sanctuary right there in Venice.