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Garden Angels is a 12-part practical gardening series presented by three well known and eminently qualified horticulturalists, Melissa King, Jody Rigby and Linda Ross.  Our Garden Angels will help you bring the confidence you feel inside your home, out into the garden.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or simply want ideas and inspiration this series will show you how to get out into your garden, get your hands dirty and start growing. It will be the complete garden guide – taking you through everything that needs to be done in the garden.

Episode 1

The Garden Angels believe a garden should be a feast for the senses. With spring fast approaching they get straight down to business with practical ideas on what to plant – when, where and how, to get gardens full of colour for the season.

Episode 2

Melissa and Linda continue their complete guide to natives, uncovering an abundance of varieties and tips on how best to grow them anywhere in Australia.

Episode 3

A complete guide to citrus, hedging plants for privacy, pest prevention and what to do with fertiliser.

Episode 4

Picking the right turf, getting bang for your buck with plants, lawn alternatives and what to plant now for fantastic summer colour.

Episode 5

Do it yourself paving makeovers, a guide to garden lighting and top tips for Bromeliads and Orchids.

Episode 6

With the changing of seasons, Melissa introduces new and exciting varieties of plants to tempt any gardener.

Episode 7

Summer is approaching and when the weather heats up, its time to prepare the garden for the hot summer months ahead.

Episode 8

What can you do with a problematic side passage? There are many options such as paving, creating a beautiful upright garden and placing outdoor ornamental pieces for decoration. The Angels will show you the way!

Episode 9

By now the annuals have finished flowering and Jody shows you different species of plants you can plant that are more permanent and low maintenance.

Episode 10

In this episode the Angels show you what pot to use for what job when it comes to repotting in your garden and balcony garden.

Episode 11

In this episode the Angels show you how to get your front garden ready for looking spectacular this Summer.

Episode 12

In this episode the Angels show you how to Summer harvest your veggie patch.