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Yudhika Sujanani returns to The Home Channel is an all new Sugar & Spice. Join us in her vibrant deli kitchen as she takes us on a journey of flavours, from her spicy Indian roots to the fragrant food of the Far East and the subtle aromas of European cuisine. You’ll get fresh and wonderful meal ideas that are easy to prepare but will be sure to impress.

Episode 1

Yudhika Sujanani takes your taste buds on a spice adventure as she shows you how to revamp “old favorites “dishes with a bit sugar and a hint of spice. On the menu is a delicious French Casserole with a touch of Saffron, an aromatic Egyptian spiced Dukkah Spiced Butternut & Prawn Salad and for dessert; she prepares a gorgeous Chocolate Pecan Nut pie with Dates.


Episode 2

Yudhika is cooking with the fresh flavours of Italy today She starts by preparing a hearty Veal Cottage Pie topped with Parmesan Cheese followed by a Penne with Chicken and Artichoke dish. To finish off the feast a Malva Pudding with a touch of Italian liqueur and a luscious chocolate sauce.


Episode 3

Moroccan Flavours –

Experience Morocco on your plate today as Yudhika shows you some of her favorite dishes that are inspired by North African cuisine. She serves up Harissa Spiced Moroccan Meatballs with Nutty Couscous accompanied by a side dish of Pomegranate Raita. And the piece de’ resistant the Orange & Almond Cake with a Choccie twist.


Episode 4 – Indian Feast

-Celebration of curries-

Getting back to her roots, Chef Yudhika Sujanani prepares an Indian feast of Curries, today, there’s something for everyone. On the menu is a Spicy Lamb Vindaloo (Curry), a delicious Kashmiri Chicken (curry), an aromatic Prawn Madras (Curry) served with melt in your mouth Buttery Rotis


Episode 5

Portuguese Inspired

Our spice journey takes us to the Portuguese shores today as Yudhika Sujanani prepares a feast influenced by the Iberian Peninsula flavours. The dishes include a delicious Pork & Bean stew perfect for any Winters day, a succulent pot of Mozambican style prawns and for some sweetness – a Saffron apple cake with homemade Custard.


Episode 6

Yudhika Sujanani takes her culinary inspiration from Greece; the fresh aromatic Mediterranean flavours come alive in today’s Menu.  She’s preparing Marinated Cumin & Ginger Lamb Chops, a side dish of Butter Beans with Feta & Herbs, a spicy tomato sauce and to finish off the meal a Cinnamon Halva Cake.


Episode 7 – Indian Vegetarian

Spices can transform any dish into a sensational culinary experience. Yudhika shows you how to add a bit of magic to your favourite veggies dishes with an Indian Vegetarian inspired Menu. She first prepares an Almond Crusted Paneer accompanied by a spicy Mint Chutney then a delicious Cauliflower & Pea curry, Creamy Potatoes with Spinach and these are served with Homemade Puri Bread.


Episode 8 – Seafood Feast

If you enjoy Seafood then you are in for a treat today as Yudhika Sujanani cooks an impressive spicy feast. Indulge you tastes buds with Spanish Style Calamari Prawns, Citrus Infused Mussels, an aromatic Indonesian Spiced Fish served with a Coriander & Lime Basmati Rice side dish and Cucumber Sambal.


Episode 9 – Middle Easter Flavours

Yudhika takes her Menu inspiration from the Middle East as she brings those distinct flavours to life with her mouthwatering dishes.
She prepares Saffron Tikka Kebabs served with Baked Brinjals with stuffing, and Leek & Mushroom Pilau. For dessert she will serving up the exquisite Fig & Mascarpone puffs


Episode 10 – Coconut Celebration

It’s a coconut celebration today as Yudhika Sujanani prepares a scrumptious Asian feast. She starts off with a hearty Slow Cooked Asian Beef, fresh Marinated Asparagus served with an aromatic Coconut Scented Rice. For that sweet finish –a spicy Coconut & Lemon Grass Cake.


Episode 11 – Local is lekker

Local is really lekker in the kitchen today as Yudhika shares some of her favourite proudly South African dishes. From the west coast – it’s the famous Cape Malay Fish Breyani, then a Jozi Chakalaka Chicken. The dessert can only be the Durban Snowballs.


Episode 12 – Sunday Lunch

Today we are bringing back the Sunday lunch tradition with a classic line up of delicious recipes.

On the Menu is a mouth watering Beef rib-eye roast served a delicious Mushroom Red Wine sauce; accompanied by veggie sides of Garlic stacked Potatoes & Honey glazed carrots. Yudhika then finishes off the meal with a Cherry Cardamom Victorian Sponge Cake.


Episode 13 – Chocolate

Chocolate is the flavour of the day today as Yudhika prepares an amazing spread of Chocolate dishes. On the menu is Willy Wonka Style Chocolate Cake; a creamy & luscious Chocolate Mousse; Choc Chip scones with homemade Strawberry Jam, a decadent Self-saucing chocolate pudding and a delicious

  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Willy Wonka  Style Chocolate Cake
  • Self saucing chocolate pudding
  • Chocolate and Fig Pavlova
  • Choc Chip Scones with Strawberry Jam