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Hilary Biller is back in a brand new series, Dinner Dash, where, she’s going to teach you the art of creating delicious dinners, fast. From French Roast Chicken to biltong spiced steaks, and a few sweet treats in-between.


Episode 1 – Chick Flicks

To kick off the series, Hilary has two delicious meals with chicken.

For the crowds, chicken pieces with a sticky marmalade sauce and spicy cous cous, and then for something more glamorous, a French style roast chicken with a green salad.

And finally, as a sweet treat to end, almond pastry slices.

Episode 2 – Just beat it/ Sunday night supper

Eggs are not only a breakfast food, but can work well for a quick Sunday dinner. On the menu today is a courgette and carrot tart, hole in one eggs and an interesting mushroom-cap eggs Benedict.

Then for something sweet, a soufflé omelette served with strawberry jam.

Episode 3 – Local is lekker

This week local is lekker! Hilary is preparing a peri-peri flattie chicken with a naartjie and biltong salad, along with a snack of chakalaka chilli bites. Then who can resist a traditional rusk with their coffee? Hilary shows you how easy it is to make your own.

Episode 4 – Budget Meals

Cooking on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour. In this episode Hilary has some great dinner ideas that won’t cost the earth, with a vegetable lasagne, beefy hedgehog meatballs and a barley and watermelon salad. Then for something sweet, a lemon meringue roll.

Episode 5 – Low Fat Cooking

Low-fat cooking needn’t be boring. Hilary has a few interesting recipes that are full of flavour without the fat.

There’s a Masala-crusted fish with a fresh salsa, then a low-fat Tandoori chicken served with a Thai carrot salad. For desert; tropical fruit sticks with a lemongrass syrup.

Episode 6 – Vegetarian

Hilary’s going vegetarian this week with a delicious menu of meat free dishes. Starting with a vegetable pie, she’s also got a fragrant mushroom korma with sweet corn fritters on the side, and finally an unusual sweet treat; a tomato soup cake.

Episode 7 – American

America is known for its varied and interesting food, and this week, Hilary shows you some of her favourites. With a chocolate chilli con carne soup, coffee rub burgers and quirky corn dogs. She also has a one-pan chocolate cake that you can make in minutes.

Episode 8 – Cheese It

There are so many different cheeses on the market, and some wonderful recipes to use them in. On the menu today is apple and potato rosti with cheddarmelt sauce, ricotta tartlets with pickled peppers and then a fresh salad with smoked trout and Gorgonzola. To finish off, a baked cheesecake with drunken figs.

Episode 9 – Italian

No one can resist good Italian food, and its so quick and easy to make yourself. In this episode Hilary prepares asaragus and tomato pitzette, chicken saltimbocca and a fiery penne arribiata. And for some picnic food, an antipasti loaf along with a sesame and poppy seed olive oil cake.

Episode 10 – A taste of Asia

We’re heading east in this episode as Hilary prepares an Asian menu with something for everyone. Starting with a prawn and pumpkin coconut soup, followed by Thai salmon fishcakes. She’ll also be doing a chicken and cashew stir-fry and a fresh and fragrant seared beef waterfall salad.

Episode 11 – Cooking for Two

Cooking for two can be more effort than you really want it to be, but with Hilary’s quick and easy recipes, you can have a delicious meal on the table in no time. In this episode she makes biltong-spiced steaks with a corn pickle, a pastrami cheese pie with a quick cabbage salad, and for a sweet treat, a no-bake blueberry cheesecake.


Episode 12 – Lazy Weekend

There’s no better compliment to a lazy weekend than a delicious spread. This week Hilary is making a courgette and feta soup with a chorizo and sesame loaf, then some great simple snacks of popcorn chicken and delicious chocolate brownies.

Episode 13 – Blow the Budget

Laying on an extravagant feast doesn’t mean spending all day in the kitchen. This week Hilary blows the budget with a feat of delicious dishes using the finest ingredients. There’s a flame-seared fillet of salmon, gorgonzola beef fillet and a show-stopping pink champagne cake.