Tommy’s Ultimate Workshop

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In this light-hearted, observational series, DIY Presenter Tommy Walsh realises a lifelong dream, to design and build the Ultimate Workshop. During a frenzy of building work, Tommy and his team demolish an old garage to make way for his super workshop, and then kit it out with all the essential high-tech tools and toys.

Episode 1

Tommy Walsh and his three man building team clear out and demolish an old dilapidated shed in Essex to prepare the way for his Ultimate Workshop.

Episode 2

The construction of the timber frame walls gets underway plus Tommy Walsh uses his expertise to build the walls using a ‘Bolt On’ modular technique.

Episode 3

With the help of an expert joiner, Tommy Walsh tackles one of the greatest aspects of the build – the roof, which also features a large dormer.

Episode 4

Tommy Walsh and team turn their attention to cladding and insulating the walls, but not everything goes to plan. Can they resolve the problem?

Episode 5

Tommy Walsh adds the final touches to the interior, including insulating the ceiling, installing lighting and finishing with double glazing.