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If you’re one of the nine out of 10 people in this country who complain they don’t have enough space in their homes, Wasted Spaces is the series for you. On every episode, master builder Karl Champley shows how to solve your space management problems by taking better advantage of your existing space. Whether it’s banging down a wall, going under the stairs or punching through the ceiling to create an overhead closet, our Wasted Spaces expert shows how to make the most out of the nooks and crannies you’re not using now.

Episode 1 – Of Course It’s Quartz

In many homes, the kitchen isn’t just for eating; it’s also for homework, crafting, and hanging out. But what if there’s not enough room for all those uses to live happily in the one room? Well, the Sartor family knows exactly what that’s like because their kitchen is the catch all for activities. So on this episode of Wasted Spaces; we’ll streamline their multi-use kitchen with a solid surface table top and a space-maximizing home centre for office supplies, pens, pencils, computers, and even the salt and pepper shakers.

Episode 2 – Let there be light

Chad and Rebecca Ridner have a huge room right off the kitchen that any family would love. There are doors to the outside deck, hardwood floors, even a fireplace. However the Ridners and their kids hardly use the space. Without any real storage the room has become a catch all making the view from the kitchen one of unattractive chaos. We’ll start solving this problem by shedding light on the issue in the form of a huge new window which we’ll cut right into the side of the house. Then we’ll build a giant new cabinet for the kids, Chad’s computer and general storage for whatever Rebecca decides. The result is a well lit, organized wealth of space for the whole family.

Episode 3 – Convertible dining table

The Foster family has four small children that are currently using the dining room for a craft room. With paint on the floors and messy walls it won’t be long before this elegant room with a chandelier and beautiful moldings is ruined. We have a plan to convert and cover the walls, floor, and lighting to make this room the perfect craft area. We’ll even build a motorized craft station. The cool part is this room can be converted back to its former elegance in just a weekend.

Episode 4 – Tower of the toast

Jodi Gerlach eats only organic food, in fact, twice a week, she bakes her own bread…and lots of it! That means all her precious counter space is covered by bread makers.  On top of that, when she’s done with her bread machines, she has to store them next to the family’s office supplies because she is flat out of space! –Until now.  Karl has the perfect plan to help Jodi and her family regain that valuable counter space and stash those bread boxes. It’s a tower of toast! –a custom designed appliance garage that allows Jodi to swivel each bread machine out of storage and into the kitchen without even lifting it up.  Karl also shows her how to build a butcher block, slide-out shelves, and even make room for the family computer…always making the most of every space!

Episode 5 – Deck the hallway

The hallway leading from the kitchen to the garage in Erika and Michael Nazerias’ home is the busiest area of the house…and the messiest.  While the poorly designed closet has left the active family with an overflowing mess, the doors to the storage area are making matters worse.  When open they cut deep into the walkway and make coming and going from the house a gridlocked pileup!  So Karl Champley arrives with a plan to cut into the wall to open up the walkway a bit, remove the outdated doors, cabinets and storage in the closet, and build a cool locker designed with the entire family in mind.  The sides of the new unit are curved to make it more accessible, and there’s a secret spot for toys, hooks for jackets, and even a sitting area for putting on sneakers.  It’s everything an active family would need in the most active area of the house!

Episode 6 – Wow! What a workshop

Jack Simmons has a spare room in his basement which has become a catchall for the entire family.  What he would like is a workshop of his very own so he can use his considerable diy skills to accomplish all those jobs he needs to get to.  We’re going to show Jack how to first build a workbench with adjustable legs as a centerpiece to his new “man space.”  We’ll then build a surround for the water heater and add heavy duty storage cabinets.  Last we’ll add creatur comforts like floor mats, lots of outlets, great work lighting.

Episode 7 – Make room for mudroom

Mark and Molly Meigs have a nook off their kitchen that has become the dumping ground for shoes, toys, jackets, keys, wallets…you name it.  It’s the entry point in the house for the entire family, including their two dogs, but still looks more like a dining area.  Since they already have a separate dining room, Karl helps them turn the high-traffic space into a mud room the entire family can use.  After removing a pointless second door they build a hutch with a tiled counter and a bin for dog food on one side, and a storage bench with a cushioned top and sliding doors for shoes on the other…making the room the perfect landing area for this active family.

Episode 8 – Whining for a cellar

Lee Payette is a wine distributor, but to him and his wife Donna wine is more than just a job….it’s a hobby.  Over the years Lee has collected hundreds of bottles of vintage wines, and they’ve slowly started taking over his house.  They’re stashed in kitchen cupboards, on the dining room floor, and in the garage.  They’d love to find a place in their home where they could not only store the countless bottles and accessories, but also display them.  So Karl shows up with a plan to break into the wall underneath the stairs leading down to their basement, and turn the alcove into a classy wine cellar…complete with old world gate doors, a flip-down tasting table, storage racks and even a tucked away storage area for bulk items.  Cheers!

Episode 9 – Kicking out the

Luc Dessieux has no problem getting started on home improvement projects…but that’s part of the problem, this guy has so many projects going on, that his garage has become nothing more than a dumping ground for…well, everything! His wife Olivera wants him to have the organization to be able to finish his projects…but more than that, she wants her garage parking space back. Karl Champley is great at solving problems like this, For the tools and project related gear, he’ll help Luc build a transforming work center that doubles its own work space in a matter of seconds. For his leftover materials…and new materials for the jobs he’s bound to start, we’ll suspend a lumber swing from the ceiling that drops down for easy loading but raises out of the way so they can hopefully get a car in.

Episode 10 – The serving curve

John and Casey have a huge porch for entertaining both large parties and just their two girls. The problem is no matter how many people are being served running back and forth the kitchen is too much work. We’re going to solve this problem by teaching these two to build a custom curved bar, prep table with built in sink, and pass through window. When this job is done, entertaining will be a breeze.

Episode 11 – Drop down gorgeous

Dan and Robin Sartor have four kids, and their three girls share one room. That’s right, three girls in one bedroom. They’ve managed well with bunk-beds and an organized closet, but they are quickly running out of room and ideas. Well, on this episode of Wasted Spaces Karl brings fresh ideas in the form of a closet that disappears into the ceiling, and between stud cubbies for each sister to have their own little space. And about that wasted space underneath the bunks? He’s got it covered with huge pull out drawers.

Episode 12 – A nice place to spin time

The Johansson family has a problem; they love to hang out in their bonus room, but their bonus room is serving way too many purposes for their time there to be relaxing. It’s not only their laundry room, play room, storage room, and office, but it’s where dad, Eric, does his DJ-ing hobby. So that’s five uses in one room that don’t get along quite like they should. On this episode of Wasted Spaces, see how Karl helps Eric, Megan, and Cline take advantage of unused space that’s been there all along. We’re talking, a floor to ceiling wall of toy storage, a slide out DJ centre that disappears into the wall, and a desk custom fit to make use of a dead corner. We’ll even throw in an access door to their attic space, making their bonus room…truly bonus space!

Episode 13 – A new shed for the mwangis

Simmon and Kim Mwangi have a huge family room on the lower story of their home, complete with outside access and a stone fireplace. The problem is it is never used and has become a catchall for the entire family. We have a plan to move the family’s main television into the family room and surround it with a wall built for entertainment. This all starts with clearing the room and demolishing the old entertainment centre with sledge hammers. When this room is done the Mwangis are thrilled with the new room that has been hiding right under their noses.