The Big Flip

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What does it take to really make money in the renovation game? Is it enough to have experience, a keen eye and great taste? Maybe. But add some serious hustle, cool negotiating skills and nerves of steel and
your odds will improve. Because flipping houses is not a sport for the faint of heart.

It’s an emotional, conflict-driven roller coaster of activity. This is a series where the stakes are high and the odds unknown.

Our renovators, Randy MacKay and John Stassen, are taking on the challenge of fixing and flipping as many houses as they can in just 12 months. Or lose their minds and shirts trying. Do they have what it takes? Will their friendship survive a business partnership? Or will they kill each other trying.

They’ve got to find the right houses, move quickly, renovate rapidly, spend their money in the right places….. decorate….fluff….and then pray the market holds.

Episode 1 – Over Our Heads

With more confidence than experience, renovators Paul Peic and Kye Husbands begin their mission: buy, fix and flip 4 houses in one year. Paul’s hustle bumps into Kye’s caution.  How will these best friends survive their first flip as the walls come down and the budget goes up?

Episode 2 – Digging Deep

Inexperienced yet over confident flippers Paul and Kye are only on their first flip and already knee deep in debt and disasters. The costs are out of control and their unrealistic deadline is fast approaching – they’re going to have to make some serious decisions or it could be “Game Over”!

Episode 3 – Going for Broke

Paul and Kye put on the final push to wrap up their first flip. Despite dwindling funds they pour in cash to get to the finish. The open house gets a good response and the boys grow optimistic. But did they become too attached to this house and spend too much to get a good return?

Episode 4 – Real Estate Rules

With house one finished, but still unsold Paul and Kye start their search for house two. Under pressure, the boys buy what they’re confident is a sure quick flip, but soon realise there’s a lot more to this project than they thought. With little margin for error and without much of a plan, they start demolition anyway – can they still come out on top?

Episode 5 – Bearing the Load

Well into the demolition on house two, renovators Paul and Kye find more and more problems. Trying to cut costs comes back to haunt them as professionals point out some shortfalls in shortcuts. Now they’re re-doing work everywhere, and disagreements ensue. Unresolved is the cash crisis that’s growing every day.

Episode 6 – Doorway to Hell

Badly delayed, renovators Paul & Kye are driving to complete house number two. But after a late night with a saw, a sledgehammer and a gaping hole the end seems even further off. Are they ever going to finish? Or will they run out of cash (or patience) first?

Episode 7 – Three, Two Many

With freezing weather and lots of debt, it’s a dismal time for renovators Paul and Kye: the sale of house one is in jeopardy; house two still hasn’t sold and to meet their goal of four houses in one year they need to push on and buy house three.

Episode 8 – Good News Storey

Things are looking up for Paul and Kye, they’ve pulled some strings and have the funds to keep project three rolling. Optimistic about being back on track, they’re up to their usual antics with demolition and the whole street is intrigued as the new house pops up! 

Episode 9 – 30 Days Later

It’s the final push on house three to wrap it up and get it sold. But there’s a long list of projects to complete and everyone is running out of steam. With a deadline that only Kye and his spreadsheet can believe in, things are looking grim for these fatigued flippers.

Episode 10 – No Rest Room

Finally, Paul and Kye are onto their last project. So far it’s not been an easy ride and there are no signs it will lighten up. On day one they’re already over budget and strapped for cash as hope for a quick candy coating on this fourth flip fades. 

Episode 11 – Pandora’s Box

With almost a year of experience, flippers Paul and Kye were hoping for a smooth final flip. But as problems ripple in from every corner, controlling their spending is now a distant dream. As winter drags on can these worn-out renovators make it to the finish line?

Episode 12 – Double or nothing

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for renovators Paul and Kye, as their year of flipping houses comes to a close.  But they’ve still to face what may be their most daunting challenge yet – with not one but two houses still to sell as time is running out!

Episode 13 – Phew!

  “To find, fix and flip 4 houses in one year” was a goal that once appeared not only achievable but easy for flippers Paul and Kye.  Now it’s one year on, and the boys reflect on their ups and downs. And did they even meet that goal?