Making House

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Love and marriage and drywall dust – all under one roof.

After 10 years of marriage, 3 kids and 10 houses later, Jenn and Chad are finally ready to put down roots. This interior designer and her contractor husband are gutting their forever house while living out of a cramped apartment – all in time for baby number 4! From demolition to drywall, pot lights to paint, fabrics and furniture, Jenn and Chad will pool their talents to create a family-friendly yet stunning home, or kill each other in the process…

Will they survive the reno, make big, life-long choices, and still make it to ballet and birthday parties? Making House is a personal story that will expose what really happens to a family when they battle drywall and dust in an attempt to create their dream home. 

Episode 1 – Downsizing it

To prepare for the big renovation, Jenn and Chad move their family out of their house and into a small rental apartment for the next 4 months. With so much to do to get ready for the move, Chad is consistently nowhere to be found.

Episode 2 – Give Me A Week

Jenn and Chad must convince a reluctant neighbour to let them tear down their tree or else demolition of the house can’t begin. Jenn has her first ultrasound appointment but has no idea if Chad will make it there or not.

Episode 3 – Breaking Ground

With clients on the go and the excavation underway, Jenn takes on a new assistant that’s more pizzazz than substance. Chad’s assistant on the other hand, is nowhere to be found as the crew breaks ground.

Episode 4 – The Wall

As construction begins, Jenn and Chad confront their biggest argument yet – to take down or leave up the load-bearing wall on the main floor. And each one will stop at nothing to convince the other they are right.

Episode 5 – Party Games

Chad looks to settle an old score with his in-laws as their 10th anniversary approaches. Meanwhile Jenn goes behind Chad’s back and changes some of the construction work in the master bathroom.

Episode 6 – Dollars and Sense

Jenn and Chad find themselves $70,000 over budget on the reno and may not be able to finish construction. When all else fails, they have to resort to their last remaining option for help.

Episode 7 – Help!

The stress of the reno, trying to run her own business, and being a full time mom pushes Jenn to the brink. When their newly hired nanny quits after 1 day on the job, Jenn and Chad’s lives are thrown into turmoil.

Episode 8 – Renovation Therapy

The stress of a major renovation takes its toll on Jenn and Chad’s marriage. Drastic measures are taken to ensure that the family that builds together stays together.

Episode 9 – Baby on Board

Jenn’s pregnancy starts to seriously affect her morale and ability to work. Meanwhile delays at the reno force the family into even more undesirable living conditions.

Episode 10 – Restless Rest

Jenn runs herself ragged trying to get everything finished by the time the reno is complete.  Concerned for her manic pace, Jenn’s doctor benches her on the day of the big move back in.

Episode 11 – The Home Stretch

With less then a month before the baby is due to arrive, Jenn finds herself torn between a couple of very important clients and getting her own house fully decorated.

Episode 12 – Happy Birthday

With the baby due any minute, Jenn and Chad race to get all the finishing touches done in the house. While setting up the nursery, Jenn goes into labour and the sprint to the delivery room begins.

Episode 13 – Forever House

Baby #4 comes home and the family enjoys life in their new house. When a prominent design magazine wants to do a photo shoot of the house, Jenn and Chad scramble to get everything ready.