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Makeover Wish performs $25,000 room makeovers for truly deserving individuals in need of a break, and after sending their targets off on a surprise weekend getaway, the expert crew creates a superbly executed showpiece in just 72 hours.

Episode 1 – Miracle Child

Against all odds, a young couple’s dreams come true when they have a child . Only months later, the new father dies, never to see his son grow up. The Makeover Wish Team honors his memory, and gives Mom and her child a beautiful place to carry on together. 

Episode 2 – Independence Day

A young woman geared for Harvard was robbed of a normal life when a drunk driver slammed into her car. After years of relearning how to eat, walk and talk, she is finally ready for a stunning home of her own – and the Makeover Wish team is ready to make her dream come true. 

Episode 3 – Critter Queen

A compassionate widow devotes her life to saving sick and injured wildlife – no matter how big or small. The Makeover Wish team surprises her and her beloved animals with the gift of a lifetime and a room fit for a queen.

Episode 4 – The Pack Rat

A selfless woman never lets her cancer and polio stand in her way of being a tireless volunteer. The Makeover Wish Team gives her the proper office and gorgeous kitchen she’s always wanted – but there’s one problem. The team has to dig through decades of clutter just to get through the doors.

Episode 5 – Hero Hubby

A star athlete and selfless paramedic is no longer able to do the things he loves after doctors discover a brain tumor. He now devotes his time to his children and living life to the fullest. The Makeover Wish designers team up with his paramedic pals to give him the ultimate place to play and relax. 

Episode 6 – All My Children

An amazing foster mother has seen over sixty children call her house ‘home’ over the years. Now the kids reward mom with a makeover to thank her for changing their lives for the better – and the Makeover wish team ensure it’s the perfect palace for this Super Mom.

Episode 7 – Courageous Clan

A loving family tackle life head on and amaze friends and neighbors with their positive outlook – despite helping the four year-old deal with rare inoperable brain tumor. The Makeover wish team surprises this sporty family with a truckload of special gifts to enjoy together and celebrate life.

Episode 8 – Family Reunion

A former foster mom never had a reason to update her house after all her kids moved out. The Makeover Wish team takes it on – but what good is a family room without family? A busload of loved ones from all over the globe is waiting around the corner for the best gift of all.

Episode 9 – A Dramatic Change

An vivacious drama teacher is at a rare loss for words after a former student surprises her with a $25,000 makeover. Even as she bravely struggles with Parkinson’s Disease behind-the-scenes, she continues to touch thousands of students’ lives with her inspiration and insight. Now, Makeover Wish is rewarding her home, and shocking her with a special encore at school.

Episode 10 – Something to Sing About

A talented singer and music instructor knows that every voice in this world counts. That’s why she has dedicated her life to helping handicapped and unfortunate people sing their hearts out with passion and joy. And it’s why the Makeover Wish Team is giving her a standing ovation and a gift that both she and her loving students can enjoy.

Episode 11 – Animal House

Whether saving wildlife from Canadian forest fires or running shelters in the rubble of Hurricane Katrina, an award-winning animal advocate tirelessly protects creatures big and small. Now her friends and volunteers are ready to reward her with a makeover that will wow her and the beloved pets that share her home.

Episode 12 – The Donor

Only six months after marriage, a young bride falls ill and watches her dream of starting a family fade away. But her husband never thinks twice about what to do, donating his very own kidney to give her the gift of life. Now healthy and happy with a beautiful son, she’s wants her soul mate to have a special place to relax and have fun.

Episode 13 – Room for the Whole Family

A loving family gets through a series of heartbreaking setbacks with love and compassion. The youngest – a wheelchair bound girl with a rare combination of disorders – is the shining light of the bunch, but obstacles and accessibility have always denied them a proper family room. The Makeover Wish team gives them the long-overdue place they need to spend time together.