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Would you give up your house keys for a chance of a free, big budget home makeover? Putting extreme designers in the driver’s seat, Love It or Lose It is the ultimate interior decorating adventure. The homeowners are whisked away for the weekend, without knowing which of three radical designers have been chosen to create a luxurious and theatrical interior that is guaranteed to amaze. In this Russian roulette of interior design the homeowners have one ultimate decision, ‘love it’ and keep the new room, or ‘lose it’ – forcing the masterpiece to be torn down.

Episode 1 – Split Decision

Doug and Liz are trapped in a 1970’s vintage country-colonial living room in desperate need of an overhaul.  Their new room is a major challenge to their established tastes with one on board and the other abandoning ship

Episode 2 – Suite Dreams

Andy and Gloria’s master bedroom, uninspired for nearly 30 years, is re-mastered in a bold new colour palette.  But can this much change be palatable?

Episode 3 – Big Surprise

Greg and Renee get the thrill of their lives in a dramatic, theatrical new living room.  Their worst fears are realized but the outcome may be a surprise.

Episode 4 – Room for Living

Christine has a change of heart during 48 hours of isolation from her dream home, while husband Peter just enjoys the ride.  Several off-the-wall design hits threaten to take this makeover off the rails.

Episode 5 – Women’s Intuition

During her hotel stay, Eduarda has a nightmare revealing her most dreaded designer.  Can she learn to love her bizarre new room?

Episode 6 – Time Travels

A 1950’s rancher is caught in a time warp of monumental proportions.  Michelle and Dave will need to reach to the stars to grasp this design concept.

Episode 7 – Urban Fantasy

Anna and John see themselves as the modern urban couple.  A shocking new loft design may be too much for them to take.

Episode 8 – Great Expectations

Lochlyn and Sharon risk their grand Tudor manor on one of three extreme designers.  Odds are that the result could be worse than the original.

Episode 9 – What Dreams May Come?

The very private goings-on of Sue and Eric‘s bedroom find a national audience as our mystery designer does some unorthodox role playing.

Episode 10 – Bonny’s Boudoir

Bonny has visions of a modern masterpiece but our designer has something else in mind.  It’s survival of the fittest in the jungle that is – Bonny’s boudoir.

Episode 11 – Not in my House

The Issacs are like most people.  They dream of modern, comfy, North American surroundings.  What were they thinking?

Episode 12 – He said, she said

Louise and Brennan disagree on the results after they risk their master bedroom on a makeover by one of our extreme designers.

Episode 13 – Dyer Straits

A young couple tries their luck at a free makeover only to realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.