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Designs for Living is a brand new show featuring Channel Five’s House Doctor Ann Maurice. 

For the first time we see her in her professional role as interior designer tackling the problem of homeowners with different design ideas who are trying to sort out their home. 

In each programme Ann has to design a scheme for their house that will suit them both and in most cases this is quite a challenge.

Episode 1

Paul and Angie had recently moved into their large new home in Milton Keynes.

Although the house was spacious and in good decorative order it was also bland and lifeless and they knew that to make it the happy and comfortable family home they wanted, it needed some serious design input.  They had some money set aside to spend on the house but their biggest problem was how to go about this as they both had very different ideas on what they liked and didn’t like.  Call in Channel 5 House Doctor and interior designer Ann Maurice to help sort their problems out!

Episode 2

Geoffrey and Timothy had lived for years in a four bedroom house in suburbia but yearned for a new urban existence and so had moved into a warehouse apartment near Tower Bridge.  They had been there for several years but were frustrated by their inability to move forward with redesigning the interior of the flat mainly because they could not agree on colours and interior style, although they both knew they wanted their home to have a contemporary modern feel.  They called in Ann in the hope that she could solve their problems. 

Episode 3

Lisa and Paul had recently moved into a three bedroom semi detached house in Bletchley, Bucks and with them had come the contents of two separate houses.  The result was two people squashed into a small house with loads of belongings and no storage.   The main problem the couple had was Lisa’s love of colour – the brighter the better and Paul’s desire for calming neutral colours.  They called in Ann to help them sort out their differences.

Episode 4

Andrew and Christie and their two children had lived in their Victorian house in South

London for several years and during that time had done quite a lot to improve their home.  They had knocked their two downstairs receptions into one, installed a brand new kitchen and decorated throughout but they just weren’t happy with it.  The couple had different tastes on interiors and clashed badly on colour.  Andrew had a passion for bright colours, dark metalwork and gothic images while Christie had a love of the pale and minimal.  Andrew had given in to Christie’s desire to paint the whole house cream and white and they both disliked the end result. With money set aside to spend on the house they called in Ann to help them.

Episode 5

Sarah and James had only recently moved into their three bedroom end of terrace

home.  The house had been refurbished a few years earlier and although in reasonable decorative order it was not to their individual tastes.  They had put some money aside for work on the house but were having problems agreeing on the style that they wanted and were keen for Ann to help bring them together and come up with a scheme to suit them both.

Episode 6

Jill and Hugh had lived in their four bedroom modern house for around seven months.  In that time they had converted the double garage to a family room and also redesigned and refitted their large kitchen and utility rooms but had got no further.

Although they both liked a traditional look Hugh was keen on bright bold colours whereas Jill was nervous of making mistakes and preferred to stick to creams and neutrals.  They felt badly in need of some help to sort out the rest of the house – another case of Ann Maurice to the rescue!