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Mike Holmes is back, doing what he does best—making it right. Picking up where he left off with his hit series, ‘Holmes On Homes’ and cranking it up
several notches.

In Holmes Makes it Right, Mike Holmes is back, doing what he does best—making it right. The new stories are not just about typical renovation rip-offs. Mike will be taking on disasters that other contractors would run away from. The kinds of circumstances where you don’t just need a contractor, you need a miracle. The new series is about renovating, but it’s more. Mike plans to expand the meaning of “Make It Right” outside the residential domain and outside his own comfort level.

Mike is all done with inspecting. He is strapping on his tool belt, and getting his hands dirty once again. He is getting back to the kind of work he did before there ever was a TV show – Helping people, Make It Right.

Episode 1 – “House Sandwich”

Mike Holmes gets called to a house that’s flooding after two “monster” custom homes are built on either side. The homeowners want to blame the builders, but Mike reveals that the real solution lies closer to home.

Episode 2 – “Below Board”

Mike Holmes discovers that a house that looks good on the outside is hiding a rotting secret just below the surface, and now it’s a problem that threatens an entire neighbourhood. He arrives onsite and tries to stop it from spreading.

Episode 3 – “5-Year Old”

A 5-year old house needs major repairs and the builder won’t do anything to help. Mike Holmes and his team of pros step in to give the family the safe home they need and make up for the comings of minimum code.

Episode 4 – “Broken Record”

Mike Holmes follows the trail of devastated homeowners left by a con man and comes to the rescue of his latest victims. But despite numerous jail terms and a current arrest warrant, this predatory contractor seems unstoppable.

Episode 5 – “Hoofed Roof”

A group of rescued horses are at risk of being sent to pasture after a contractor botches the roof of their barn. Mike Holmes arrives to save the day and improve the quality of life for these horses, helping their caregivers along the way.  

Episode 6 – “High Water”

In the aftermath of the worst flood in Alberta’s history, Mike Holmes travels to High River to help one family pick up the pieces of their damaged home, and discovers the true meaning of reliance in the process.

Episode 7 – A Tear in the Fabric”

When the waterproof membrane on a rooftop deck is accidentally cut, water damage reaches every level of the town home. Mike Holmes steps in to make it watertight-right but shows just how many layers need to be pulled back to fix the problem.

Episode 8 – “Lawn & Order”

Mike and his team are all hands on deck when they’re faced with reconstructing an entire backyard for a couple who failed to hire the right pro for the job the first time.  They arrive just in the nick of time to avoid a major catastrophe with the substandard structure.

Episode 9 – “Great Wall of Crap”

When the retaining wall on a couple’s property is a massive fail, their absentee contractor picks up his tools and goes home. With their property, their home and their future retirement in jeopardy, they turn to Mike for help.