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Great Taste/No Money is a design show that delves into design dilemmas and comforts  homeowners insecurities under the firm, but fresh hand of it’s host, interior designer Bill MacDonald, in a spontaneous, unexpected, and genuine voyage which always ends up improving on what we find.

We meet the subjects, listen to their dilemmas, concerns and preferences – then come up with real-time solutions. Bill, along with his assistant Alfredo Rodriguez, outline the plan of attack, shop, dress the room and finally reveal it to the homeowners, who are often stunned and always delighted by the transformation that’s been made.

Episode 1 – “Basement Blues”

Louise’s lower lounge space is in need of an update. Some bright paint and airy couches are all that’s needed to bring the blues out of this basement.

Episode 2 – “The wood wall”

Bill and Alfredo are asked to pull together Sandi’s sparse living room, where an unusual paneled wall is the feature. With some new pieces and reorientation of furniture, the room is infused with new life.

Episode 3 – “Perfect Patio”

This community living space has a bland backyard, which needs to say “welcome”. Some clever fencing brings depth and dimension, while flowers and patio furniture create an inviting space to linger in.

Episode 4 – “Sleep with a Splash”

Sandi and James’ master bedroom is sparse and unimaginative. With some Caribbean inspiration and splashes of colour, Bill and Alfredo wake up this otherwise sleepy space.

Episode 5 – “Mantle makeover”

Bill and Alfredo are on hand to spruce up Jim and Danielle’s lack luster living room. Deep colour and a sophisticated new mantle turn this living room into a modern yet cozy retreat.

Episode 6 – “Breezy bedroom”

Joy’s bedroom shows her great sense of style, but she’s looking for a subtle change. A soft palette of colours and some fashionable accessories help to accent Joy’s already great pieces.

Episode 7 – “Busy Bistro”

Doug and Sonya’s busy kitchen is a little drab. Bill and Alfredo infuse some bistro atmosphere with new lighting and fresh colours to get this kitchen cookin’.

Episode 8 – “Party central”

Heather and Kendra are no longer students, but their new apartment doesn’t reflect that.  With a little money, and a lot of colour, Bill and Alfredo achieve a lounge-around living space that is sure to be a party hit!

Episode 9 – “Guest Bedroom”

In Chris’ recently decorated house one room remains unfinished. Bill and Alfredo give ample personality to this guestroom with the infusion of lush fabrics and classy details and a comfortable reading area.

Episode 10 – “Mod is back”

Jane’s living room has the functionality but not the fun. With striking colours and ultra modern accents like an orange shag rug, Bill and Alfredo turn plain into “pow”!

Episode 11 – “Lofty Lounge”

Kitty’s loft already has beautiful architectural elements and wild accents. Bill and Alfredo make these features pop with daring colour and sleek new furnishings. 

Episode 12 – “Simple comfort”

B.J’s living room is showing its age. The boys banish the outdated wallpaper and window treatments in favour of a variety of neutral additions; bringing a warm simplicity to this otherwise busy space.

Episode 13 – “Homework”

It’s finally time for Alfredo to flex his designer muscles in his own home space. With a little guidance from Bill, Alfredo creates an office space boasting clean lines and modern flare that packs functionality with great design.