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In just about any neighborhood in America, you see it – that one run down house that’s totally overgrown and neglected with junk strewn everywhere. The neighbors’ patience is long gone and the house is officially the eyesore of the neighborhood. There’s nothing left to do but turn in the offenders to the FIX THIS YARD™ Team. Enter hosts Amy Devers and Alan Luxmore. Together, this talented duo will completely renovate the yards and exteriors of needy homes. They’ll teach homeowners practical and easy techniques for updating and maintaining their yards. In the end the eyesore will turn into the envy of the neighborhood. Fix This Yard… We’re knocking on your door next!

This Week: Episode 30

Mike and Michelle have had their house on the market for six months with NO bid. Mike and Michelle really haven’t had the time or the ambition to do anything to the front yard. There realtor is tired of it and has put a call in to Alan and Amy, and they are here to change that. So now, it’s up to them to fix up this yard in order to raise the property value in just one weekend and get this house sold, or at least get someone interested in the property!

Episode 29

Deborah’s house has been sitting on the market for almost a year and that hasn’t gone over too well with her realtor… who also happens to be her daughter, Darleen! They both know that this pink house won’t sell because the entire front is obstructed by a giant tree… and the rest of the yard is a mess of weeds and potted plants! When Darleen contacts Amy and Alan, they come in to remake the yard in a weekend, fight the elements, and the local wildlife! Will all their hard work get this video-gaming grand mom’s house sold?

Episode 28

Dan and Jeannine have had their boring black and white house on the market for almost a year now. Buyers love the original red brick but do not love the fact that it has settled over time and caused many puddles and dips. Jenni Sloan their realtor has been on them to get with it and update their front lawn so this house can sell but Jeannine says it’s hard to find the time and Dan has a hard time of finishing what he starts. Both the driveway and roof add visual real estate to the average home buyer and both need some tending to. Alan and Amy arrive just in time to help the couple out with that and more but will a simple task like power washing the roof break their bank?

Episode 27

Jake and Kristen are an eclectic couple with a home to match. .
Multiple house colors, trees invading the home’s foundation and a roof repaired with latex paint have caused this home to be a Realtor’s nightmare. After 7 months on the market, only three buyers have been able to convince themselves to walk through their sorry excuse for a front door. Now it’s up to Amy and Alan to turn this Bohemian hideaway into a traditional, yet modern home and get it sold at the next open house.

Episode 26

Oli and Cori have been trying to sell their house for months now. They had big plans for the front yard, but don’t want to spend the time and money on it. So they figured, sell the house as is, and buy a property where the front yard is already done. With this lake side property, they thought selling it would be a breeze. But unfortunately their realtor is having more trouble selling the house than imagined. That is why he called Amy and Alan. They are here to get this front yard complete and get potential buyers through the door. But one question remains, will they still sell after all is said and done?

Episode 25

Jaren & Ann’s house hasn’t sold despite being priced below market value for more than a year! And there’s a really good chance that it has something to do with the slope of their front yard causing flooding inside their home. Their realtor put in a call to Amy & Alan to get them to Fix This Yard but they’ll have to work with their lowest budget ever to try to pull the yard together by the end of the weekend and attempt to get this house sold… for a profit!

Episode 24

Thomas and Nicole have been putting off fixing their yard for years, and the neighbors are fed up. The yard is just an empty pit that is bringing everyone’s property value down. The neighbors are tired of seeing this corner-lot eyesore as they drive by every day. The original front door, complete with etched glass showing a scene of trees and clouds is loved by the couple, but hasn’t been touched since the 1960s. This blank canvas is ready to be modernized and colorized! But, there is a hitch when Amy and Alan arrive… Thomas and Nicole are trying to sell, but to no avail! The house has been on the market for over six months without as much as a bite. So now, it’s up to Amy and Alan to fix up this yard in order to try and sell the house in just one weekend. But the question is, will they stay or will they go?

Episode 23

Jill lives with her husband, Jeff, in her childhood home. Her mother’s idea of yard care was to spread sand on the lawn every year which leaves nothing but a lumpy mess! As if this wasn’t enough, they also have an unwanted new resident who makes his presence felt (or smelt?) every evening! The smell is so bad that the neighbors can’t even sleep, so they turn to Fix This Yard for help! But even if Alan and Amy can evict the smelly visitor, they might not be able to deal with Jeff and Jill’s constant additions to the project and climbing budget! This just may make Alan quit for good!

Episode 22

Ryan and Lisa just moved into their new home only 6 months ago. They really don’t know where to start with the yard – and the driveway seems to be their biggest obstacle. It’s a mish mash of leftover 70s relics like mustard yellow paneling, rusting rock walls, and miscellaneous wooden artifacts. Their house is hidden by overgrowth and is crying out for a face lift! To make matters worse, this sand pit of a yard has been bringing down the property values of the whole neighborhood, so their neighbors decided to turn them in! Enter Amy and Alan for the weekend! But, unfortunately, not everything go as planned, they find a hidden treasure reminiscent of the house’s heyday as a frat house and even cross paths with an unexpected visitor! Amy and Alan have their work cut out for them, as making this house a great investment for the future isn’t going to be easy.

Episode 21

Christie wants her gray house to reflect her bold nature and has begun testing paint colors to try to sway her husband, Michael, to her side. This doesn’t go over too well with the neighbors! In addition to the newly purpled posts, Michael and Christie have dead plants renting space in pots, a broken window, and a lawn that looks like it’s never seen a drop of water! When Fix this Yard is called, Amy and Alan come in to remake the yard, try to sway Christie out of her bold color choices, and bring the property value up… but will this strong-willed woman end up bringing the price down instead?

Episode 20

Martin and Jennifer have a mess on their hands. The overgrown ivy in their front yard is not only suffocating their property, but it’s suffocating their wallets! Also tangled in that mess are some displeased neighbors who don’t find it hard to believe that Martin & Jen’s house is worth 13% less than comparable homes in the neighborhood. Amy and Alan take this forgotten ivy jungle and give it some natural elements, character, and cottage charm. But, not without finding out first what lies beneath.

Episode 19

Michael and Alicia are a busy couple with three kids and a dog. The condition of their front yard has plummeted on their list of priorities, and so has the property value of their home. Furthermore, the annual neighborhood block party is looming just a few days away and the neighbors are considering not inviting them because of the condition of their yard! So, Amy and Alan swoop in to make some dramatic, yet budget crunching changes to their property. With the clock counting down to the block party and some unexpected setbacks, will they finish in time and raise the property value high enough to earn them an invite to the neighborhood block party?

Episode 18

Bob and Lisa hired a local landscaper several months ago to fix their overgrown front yard. The crew showed up a few times and then never came back – leaving the homeowners with an awful tangled mess of weeds. Now the neighbors are just plain fed up as their property values are sinking – so they call in Fix This Yard to the rescue and Amy and Alan arrive quickly to help these desperate homeowners jumpstart their plans with a paver walkway, colorful plants, and new landscape layout. The weekend is off to a great start until we get a serious rain storm – and Alan has a run in with the natural stone wall.

Episode 17

Kelly and Libby are the new homeowners on the block and they have by far purchased the neighborhood’s biggest eyesore. The house was previously owned by an older woman who wasn’t able to take care of the yard – and does it show. The landscape is so overgrown that you can’t even see the front door, their oak tree is nearly leaning against the house, and they have a ramp for a walkway! The neighbors say these new homeowners need to make a good first impression on the street – and if they don’t do something with this yard fast, it’s going to end up being a long-lasting BAD impression. So Amy and Alan arrive with a plan to renovate and raise Kelly and Libby’s property value, but with a surprise buried treasure, some additional work on the roof, and a rainy forecast – the Fix This Yard team is threatened with delays that might derail this weekend project.