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Don’t Sweat It is the ultimate Saturday morning home improvement show, an action packed half hour series in which our host Steve Watson and his team rumble into one town each week and help homeowners with projects around the house. Indoor, outdoor, all around the house, Steve will tackle all those dreaded home improvement tasks! Each episode features three projects, including one main “wow” project.

Episode 1

Dining Room Makeover, Glass Block Window, Custom Window Seat

Host Steve Watson and his crew are going to help Kratchman family complete their home by showing them how to install wainscoting and chair rails in their dining room, install a glass block window, and construct a custom window seat for their master bedroom.

Episode 2

Museum Art Hanging System, New Bar, Shower Doors

Kareem and Keisha purchased their home three years ago and although it is a new home, there are still several things they would like to get done. With the addition of their son, Gavin, they have very little time to complete projects. Keisha is an art collector and has been waiting to hang their artwork appropriately and safely. They have had it with their shower curtain in the master bathroom and want to install sliding doors on the tub surround. Last but not least, they have a makeshift bar and would love to have something more functional and attractive to entertain at parties. Host Steve Watson and the Don’t Sweat It team are going to step in and show them how to get it done.

Episode 3

Kitchen Island, Tile Backsplash, Living Room Sconces

The Cardenas have a great starter home, but balancing two full time careers and two young kids has left several projects yet unfinished. Christian enjoys DIY projects, but struggles with time and basic know-how. The family has some space and lighting issues with the home, and host Steve Watson and his team are going to save the day by showing them how to install a new kitchen island and tile backsplash, hang a pot rack with integrated lighting, and mount some much-needed sconces in their living room.

Episode 4

Bathroom Facelift, Replace Ceiling Fan, Cleaning Up Antique Stairs

Host Steve Watson and his crew help a family update their 1912 Craftsman/Victorian-style home with a bathroom facelift, replacing the ceiling fan and stripping the old glue from the antique stairs.

Episode 5

Faux Ceiling Beams, Kitchen Lighting, Self-Closing Gate

Host Steve Watson and crew help a family update their suburban home. They show how to install aesthetic beams in the living room, hang two heirloom schoolhouse lights in the kitchen and install a self-closing gate on the stairs of the porch.

Episode 6

Flooring Install, Skylight, Faucet Upgrade

Barry and Adisha Washington are childhood sweethearts working two full-time jobs, and raising two kids, leaving plenty of time to dream about projects – but none to complete them.  They consider themselves fairly handy, but they are self-taught and know they could use some more education.  Time and resources are the biggest roadblocks for them as they attempt to get their various projects finished. Steve and his Team are rolling up to help give them the knowledge to tackle their outstanding projects.  They are going to show the Washington’s how to lay a bamboo floor, replace the bathroom fixtures, and install a skylight.

Episode 7

Tear Down That Wall

Steve Watson and his team help a young couple tear down a kitchen wall and install French doors.  Host Steve Watson and crew help a couple update their home before the arrival of their first baby. Watson helps them open up a wall in the kitchen, extend space in a closet and replace existing dining room doors with French doors.  Steve Watson helps a young couple tear down a kitchen wall.

Episode 8

Steve to the Rescue

Steve Watson comes to the rescue of first-time home owners who are overwhelmed with projects.  Steve comes to the rescue of first-time home owners.

Episode 9

Never Too Late to Insulate

Steve Watson and his team help a young couple replace the attic insulation and build a woodshed.  Steve Watson helps a couple replace the attic insulation.

Episode 10

Transforming a Pool into a Patio

Steve Watson and crew turn a neglected above-ground pool into a cool brick patio.  Steve Watson turns a neglected pool into a brick patio.

Episode 11

Finishing Up a Kitchen Project

Steve Watson and crew help a busy family finish a kitchen project with new cabinets and appliances.  Steve Watson helps wrap up a kitchen project with cabinets.

Episode 12

Decking Out the Deck

Steve Watson and crew help a busy young family build a delightful backyard deck and swing set.  Steve Watson helps a young family build a backyard deck.

Episode 13

Projects Piling Up

Busy homeowners can’t get a handle on all their projects.