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Inter Designer Jane Lockhart uses colour theory to break homeowners out of their colour ruts and transform pale-toned pads into spaces filled with perfectly balanced and sometimes bold hues.  With her trusty colour wheel she chooses elements that are reflected in the homeowner’s lives to help inspire their selection of colours and sense of design.  Piles of paint chips and fabric swatches can be overwhelming, so instead, a chocolate truffle becomes the inspiration for a rich brown wall, a bright red tomato becomes the force behind a hot red kitchen and beach sand prompts the selection of a soothing new living room carpet.

Episode 1 – Nkechi and Easton’s Master Bedroom

For a couple so focused on sports and fitness competition Nkechi and Easton are completely unfocused when it comes to choosing colour for their boring master bedroom. Jane will coach and cajole these athletes into creating a masterful bedroom with colour –one that’s fit for the pros!

Episode 2 – Whitney and Mike’s Living and Dining Room

World travelers, Whitney and Mike have surfed all over the world, but with baby on the way they’re settling into their new life in the suburbs. Their living room and dining room lack colour and style –nothing like this young, super active couple. They need Jane to help them add colour reminiscent of their surfing life…but in grown up style.

Episode 3 – Michael and Christine’s Executive Rental Suite

Michael can predict the weather, he’s a Meteorologist but between him and wife Christine the colour forecast for their main floor rental unit is pretty dull and lifeless. They need Jane to lead them through the storm and pick colours that will elevate their rental apartment into a stylish executive rental suite. 

Episode 4 – Josh and Marnie’s Dining Room

School teachers Josh and Marnie love their brand new home –it’s their first major purchase since marrying last year. The dining room, where they tutor students and host family meals is the first room you see and the first get painted but it’s not going to be easy. Josh is colour blind and Marnie’s afraid of making the wrong choice. It’s time for Jane to give them a lesson in colour.

Episode 5 – Antoinetta and Joe’s Living Room

Antoinetta and Joe have been renovating their home since they first moved in four years ago. The living room hovered at the bottom of the priority list then but since baby Luke’s arrival the living room is now the most important room to finish–a room where friends and family can gather and play… safely. They lost their way from reno and baby fatigue and it’s up to Jane to help them find their way back to the land of the living room.

Episode 6 – Reshma and Sean’s Kitchen

High-flying homeowners, Reshma and Sean love colour. From the minute you enter their home and walk through the first floor you’re dazzled by colour… until you get to the kitchen! Apparently the brush stops there. Talk about lunch bag let down! Jane will need to pilot this project back to what should be the heart of the home and help it soar. 

Episode 7 – Jeanette and Daughter Natalie’s Bedroom

Fourteen-year-old Natalie is growing up and needs a fabulous bedroom that reflects her maturity, but mom Jeanette just can’t let go –of the design of the room or the fact her girl is growing up. Jane is going to have to referee this mother-daughter duo to help Natalie reach her goals and keep peace with her mom.

Episode 8 – Marijo and Andy’s Living and Dining Room

Marijo and Andy are a vibrant and entertaining couple but their colourless living and dining room is anything but hospitable. They want a space that reflects their lifestyle – a place that can handle everything from reading the morning newspaper with coffee to dinner with guests plus a place to lounge after dinner. It’s going to take Jane and a lot of colour to give this room the personality it deserves.

Episode 9 – Manny and Silvy’s Living Room

Manny and Silvy fell in love in Rome but their living room is anything but romantic. Between renovating, full time jobs and two small girls romance is the last thing on their minds. It’s up to Jane to rekindle the love for their living room with colour! 

Episode 10 – Brad and Alix’s Master Bedroom

The one place creative couple Brad and Alix should be able to get away from it all is their master bedroom. But with a baby and on-going renovations it’s become a glorified storage space –they don’t even sleep in it! Jane will need to use her colour expertise to help them escape back to the bedroom.

Episode 11 – Robyn and Mark’s Dining Room

The question is, ‘Where do you draw the blind’? Robyn and Mark’s boring dining room sits at the front of the house where it’s ‘on display’ when the blinds are open. This is an open and shut case for Jane as she brings her style and colour expertise to create a neighbor-stopping showpiece.

Episode 12 – Kristi’s Master Bedroom

Kristi is a vintage-loving, single mom of two who finally has a bedroom to call her own. She needs Jane’s sense of taste and colour to take the room back to the ‘70’s … without the kitsch. Man, this one’s a challenge.

Episode 13 – Matt and Megan’s Victorian Living Room –Holiday Episode

Matt and Megan love their downtown lifestyle in their Victorian Row House. With holidays are approaching they need Jane to help restore the chopped up living room back to its former glory with colour and style in time to impress their families. Looks like Jane will have to turn back time to put a contemporary twist on this neglected room.

Episode 14 – Wilma and Garry’s Kitchen

Wilma and Garry are do-it-yourselfers; they’ve almost completed the kitchen in their first home. Almost. Running out of steam and patience, they need Jane and her colour confidence to guide them through to the finish.

Episode 15 – Ania and Steve’s Living Room

What do you do when two people want a different look for their living room? You call in the colour expert and make it Jane’s colour challenge. Ania and Steve love their home but have varying (and vocal) opinions about how they would style it. Jane will mediate.

Episode 16 – Stephanie and Rob’s Living Room

It’s Stephanie and Rob’s first home, they’re newly engaged and they are decorating their living room together for the first time. Hopefully with Jane’s help colour will be the unifying force to prevent this couple’s first argument!

Episode 17 – Nicole and Rob’s Guest Bedroom

Nicole is the self-proclaimed queen of beige and Rob loves bold colour! Looks like it’s going to take Jane, her colour confidence and a whole lot of work to bring this space and these two together.

Episode 18 – Leslie and Mark’s Basement

Leslie and Mark have a large basement that’s ready for some family-sized fun! This active family needs Jane to bring together the entertaining space with colour to get them playing the same game. 

Episode 19 – Sick Kid’s Hospital Parent Rooms

There are three private rooms at Sick Kids where parents of gravely ill children in Critical Care can go rest or stay overnight. Right now the rooms can also use some TLC so Jane’s been paged to help make the rooms the colourful respite parent’s need.

Episode 20 – Gabrielle and Altaf’s Dining Room

Logic vs. Intuition, who will win? Academically inclined, Gabrielle and Altaf need to go with their gut when Jane presents them with the colour wheel. Their dining room and their future meals depend on it!

Episode 21 – Judith and Kwame’s Master Bedroom

What do you get when you put an artist in a residence that needs a lot of work? Not a lot. Jane will present artist Kwame and wife Judith with a new way of looking at colour –so they can get their master bedroom finished.

Episode 22 – Marie and Anthony’s Living/Dining Room

If life were a football game Marie and Anthony would be the touchdown champs! But to touch up their living and dining room they‘re going to need Jane’s colour coaching skills.

Episode 23 – Yasmine and Leroy’s Master Bedroom

Yasmine knows exactly what she wants…white! So why call a colour show? White is a colour isn’t it? Leroy just wants a happy wife so if Jane is going to fulfill their expectations she’ll have to turn the colour wheel white!

Episode 24 – Maureen and Jerry’s Living and Dining Room

In order to add some spice to Maureen and Jerry’s living and dining room Jane may have to stir some colour into the space. With almost a dozen hungry relatives waiting for Hot Pot Jane has a big order to fill!

Episode 25 – Patricia and Karl’s Dining Room

In Patricia and Karl’s home, every room is a playroom, much to their chagrin. They need Jane to help their dining room grow up into the adult space they dream about. After relocating the toys, the only other issue will be where to put the guinea pig.

Episode 26 – Tarra and David’s Living and Dining Room

After five years of renovating Tarra and David are looking for closure! Their living and dining room remain untouched and it shows! Jane needs to cruise in and splash some colour into the rooms to keep these beach-lovers in vacation mode at home!