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Get Your House in Order is the brand-new series featuring out-of-control consumers whose quality of life is being buried under their mounds of excessive, but potentially valuable possessions.

On hand to help each case transform their lives are two experts; dealer of antiques and artefacts, Nick Allen, and interior designer Abigail Aher.

Episode 1

26-year-old Amie Ormand is a self-confessed shopaholic whose compulsive consuming is not only taking over her home, but is threatening her relationship with her fiancé Ali.

Amie owns hundreds of items of clothes and accessories which are easy pickings for Nick, but Abigail needs over £2000 for the redesign. Can the duo dole out the tough love needed to help Amie succeed in parting with her fashion hoard and make the cash needed to transform her house into a home fit for newly-weds?

Episode 2

42-year-old lab technician Barry Phillips’ harmless hobby has now become a living nightmare. An avid collector of all things TV-related, his hoard includes over 4500 CDs, hundreds of unopened Dr Who toys, and over 5000 copies of the Radio Times.

With nearly every room in his house crammed high with the hoard, Barry realises something needs to change, particularly as he hopes to be able to invite his relatives over more often.

But old habits die hard, and it takes a hypnotherapy session and a frank talking to from his brother Mark before Barry is willing to part with some of his possessions. Luckily Nick and Abigail – and Dr Who himself – are on hand to get Barry’s house back in order in what looks to be the duo’s toughest challenge yet.

Episode 3

Joy is a 57-year-old retiree who has an obsession with collecting vintage toys, games and dolls. Six years ago she and her husband Dennis opened up a shop to sell her collection. Sadly Joy’s husband became ill with terminal cancer, and even though the shop had to close, the buying continued.

Three of her rooms are full to the brim with her hoard which includes over 500 Barbie dolls and over 2000 vintage dolls. Now Joy is ready to move on with her life, put a halt on her collecting, and get her home fit to fulfil her dream of becoming a foster carer. Can Nick and Abigail assist Joy on her path and help bring her house and life back to their best?

Episode 4

Behind the façade of a well maintained Cheshire two-bedroom apartment lives 59-year-old Ray Byrne, an out-of-control collector who is literally trapped by his own possessions.

Ray has managed to collect everything over the years, from old clothes to retro gadgets and broken electrical equipment. But with not much space to keep it all, his hoard has taken over nearly every corner of his home, and he has been forced to sleep in a cramped corner on the living room floor.

Episode 5

Young I.T. professional Stuart is obsessed with having the newest gadgets, boy’s toys and designer clothes. From stereos and computers to smartphones and TV’s, Stuart has invested thousands of pounds in equipment and clothes he has only used and worn a few times. And with his spending out of control and their apartment packed with his hoard, his girlfriend Anna is desperate for Stuart to change.

Abigail plans to give Stuart and Anna a cool, New York-style loft living space – and hopes to get £3000 to achieve it – and Nick opens up a shop to sell all of Stuart’s electrical items to earn as much money as possible for the redesign. But Stuart’s constant haggling over prices frustrates Nick, who worries that Stuart isn’t learning any lessons.

Can Nick and Abigail convince Stuart to let his hoard go, get a grip on his spending and give him and Anna a home fit for a modern couple, or will old habits die hard?

Episode 6

59-year-old widow Sylvia Stewart is struggling under the remnants of decades of out-of-control shopping. A self-confessed bargain hunter, Sylvia estimates that she has spent around £100,000 on her hoard – amassing everything from furniture and ornaments, to dried flowers and empty milk bottles. Embarrassed by the state of her house, and with her son David desperate for his mother to change, Sylvia is determined to turn around her home and life.

For antiques dealer Nick, the huge quantity of inexpensive household goods is a concern and he worries whether it will make enough to pay for interiors expert Abigail’s makeover. And with Sylvia struggling to see her belongings sold, can Nick and Abigail stay firm and help Sylvia finally get her life back?