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Make My Home Bigger (15 x 30”) follows Jonnie Irwin as he joins homeowners up and down the country, as they embark on the biggest renovation projects of their lives.  From ambitious basement digs, to extraordinary loft conversions, we’ll be there as homes, and lives are turned upside down.  And when the builders hand back the keys, we’ll find out if it was worth all the time, money and heartache.    

Episode 1 – Phil & Andrea – CASTLEFORD

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Philip and Andrea from Leeds, as they embark on the biggest renovation project of their lives. They plan to raise the entire roof of their house in a bid to create a luxury master en-suite at the top of their house.

Episode 2 – Martyn & Mai-Mai – SHEFFIELD

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Martyn and Mai-Mai from Sheffield, as they take on their first ever renovation project.  In an effort to create more space, they’ll be digging down to convert their dark and damp basement, into the ultimate kitchen diner. 


Episode 3 – Marko & Vanda – GREENWICH

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Marko and Vanda from Greenwich, South London, as they race to convert their loft before the arrival of their new baby girl.


Episode 4 – Steve & Amy – CARDIFF

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Steve and Amy from Cardiff, as they struggle to convert their retirement style bungalow into a contemporary living space.  But planning to do most of the work himself, has Steve bitten off more than he can chew?


Episode 5 – Alistair & Louise – HAMMERSMITH

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Alistair and Louise from Hammersmith, West London, as they attempt to right the wrongs of the past, and convert their botched basement into the ultimate living space.  But with no prior experience, they’re placing all their trust in the hands of their builders.


Episode 6 – Alan & Louisa – TWICKENHAM

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Alan and Louisa from Twickenham, West London, as they gut their end of terrace house, and extend up into the loft, to create a proper family home.  But as costs spiral, will it be everything they expected when they started their project?


Episode 7 – Alison & Howard – SHEFFIELD

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Alison and Howard from Sheffield, as they sink their life savings into their planned basement conversion.  But with so much at stake, will their project match up to expectations?

Episode 8 – Harriet & Richard – WANDSWORTH

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Richard and Harriet from Wandsworth, South London, as they embark on an ambitious project to convert their basement.  But digging underneath the foundations of their property is a risky business, and as plans change, budgets begin to escalate.

Episode 9 – Sarah & Simon – CHESHIRE

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Sarah and Simon from Altrincham in Cheshire, as they embark on a long held ambition to convert their basement, to create the ultimate children’s playroom, and gym. 

Episode 10 – Andy & Carole – ENFIELD

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Andy and Carole from Enfield, North London, as they embark on a project to supersize their house by digging down into the ground, and extending up into the loft.  But with torrential downpours, cracks, and collapses, it proves to be a very testing project.

Episode 11 – Emma & Martin – ILKLEY

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Martin and Emma from Ilkley in Yorkshire, as they convert their basement, to transform a house that’s been in Emma’s family for three generations, into the perfect family home.

Episode 12 – Catherine & Michael – BRIGHTON

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Catherine and Michael from Brighton, as they begin a project that’s been over 4 years in the planning.   But converting the loft space of an old power station throws up its own challenges.

Episode 13 – John & Liz – CHESHIRE

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners John and Liz from Altrincham in Cheshire, as they sink their savings into the ground, in a bid to realise the hidden potential underneath their house.  But converting their basement isn’t without its challenges.

Episode 14 – Bill & Jennie – HUNTINGDON

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Bill and Jennie from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, as they attempt to transform their bungalow into house.  But their conversion comes with a twist, as they aim to harness the power of the sun to run their family home. 

Episode 15 – Jon & Lauren – ESSEX

Jonnie Irwin joins homeowners Jon and Lauren from Essex, as they attempt to transform their loft into a luxurious master en-suite.  But with only weeks to complete the project, the pressure is well and truly on the builders.