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Finally, all your design questions can be answered. Designer Genevieve Gorder offers down-to-earth advice to real people who have fallen out of love with their home. In each episode she delves into the gallery where viewers have uploaded their design issues. Instead of just writing back with a suggestion, Genevieve provides the answer — in person. Ultimately, with creative solutions and design ideas, she will help homeowners fall back in love with their home!

Episode 1 – A Small Outdated Kitchen Is Transformed Into An Amazing Space

One bad kitchen is turning Karl and Tonetta’s dream home into a headache. Designer Genevieve Gorder arrives to create a kitchen that will make Karl and Tonneta fall back in love with their kitchen.

Episode 2 – A Lackluster Entryway Is Transformed Into A Welcoming Site

Sean and Beth love to share their beautiful home with friends and family. One problem, none of their guests can find the front door! Genevieve stretches her design mind to tackle a design challenge.

Episode 3 – Creating A Family Room Out Of A Dark Basement

George and Rosa’s basement has been a giant family closet for years, also storing Rosa’s beautiful artwork. Designer Genevieve and her team have been called in to shine some light on the project.

Episode 4 – A Prized Victorian Mantelpiece Is Incorporated Into A Living Room Update

Designer Genevieve Gorder is called upon by homeowners Michelle and George to transform a tired, dark living room into a space that breathes life into the home.

Episode 5 – Designer Genevieve Gorder is called upon to help redesign a playroom into both an adult and a child friendly space.

Designer Genevieve Gorder is called upon to help redesign a playroom into both an adult and a child friendly space.

Episode 6 – Designer Genevieve Gorder Updates A Small Family Bathroom In A Newlyweds’ Home

Designer Genevieve Gorder updates a small family bathroom in a newlyweds home.

Episode 7 – A Tiny Kitchen Gets An Update While Maintaining The Charm And Character

Genevieve meets with Greg, David and little Lilly, a family who has inherited Greg’s nana’s house and wants to preserve its charm. They need to update their kitchen while keeping nana’s spirit.

Episode 8 – Creating a Multi-purpose Romantic Bedroom

Nnekka and Levee have transformed their fixer upper into a beautiful home. But with their master bedroom they are clueless. Genevieve is on the scene to move the couple back into their master bedroom.

Episode 9 – A Galley Kitchen Gets A Modern Cottage Makeover

Rick and Lisa come call on Genevieve to update their galley kitchen right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Wanting to reflect the personality of the rest of the beachside cottage house.

Episode 10 – A Basement is Transformed Into A Room the Whole Family Will Love and Use

Genevieve takes on Monica and Steve’s wood paneled and drop ceilinged basement with a plan to make a bright, updated family playroom that will grow with their rambunctious kids.

Episode 11 – A Bedroom Oasis

Designer Genevieve Gorder transforms a tired master bedroom suite into a restful oasis.

Episode 12 – Styles Combines in Living Room

Designer Genevieve Gorder takes conflicted couple Joe and Dawn under her wing to bring a joint sense of style to their bland condo living room.

Episode 13 – A Nursery Reimagined

Designer Genevieve Gorder helps sophisticated parents Pam and Kenny imagine a playful bright nursery for little Max.