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Is your house cluttered from floor to ceiling with more disorder than anyone can handle? Help is on the way. 

In “Clean Sweep”, a team of ruthless, yet talented experts will help homeowners dramatically transform two areas in their house from disaster areas to functional, stylishly organized living spaces.

Episode 1 – Sentimental Value

The cramped master bedroom and messy home office are the rooms John and Annette need help with. Organizer Peter Walsh helps this couple sort through all of their things, but they don’t seem ready to get rid of the clutter just yet.

Episode 2 – The Art of Organization

Dave’s art studio and Robin’s office are organizational disaster areas that must be molded into creative, functional spaces.  Peter Walsh has his hands full trying to rid this couple of old items.

Episode 3 – The Art of Organization

Cecil and Korie’s bedroom and office are packed with clothes and other items.  Peter Walsh helps this couple cut out all of the clothes they have been holding onto for years.  And Angelo Surmelis helps create some unique solutions to their major problems.

Episode 4 – Junk Sent Packing

The cluttered living room and messy master bedroom are the areas Doug and Jean need to tackle. Organizer Shelli Alexander has her hands full getting our couple to agree on what goes and what stays. These designers and organizers must also act as referees.

Episode 5 – Kitschy Clutter

Larry and Jessica moved into their home two years ago, and still have boxes in their living room and office.  Peter Walsh helps them decide what to keep and what to throw away.  Designer Molly Luetkemeyer has some ideas to help accentuate the collections.

Episode 6 – Foster Fix-Up

Two home offices must become one as Vince and Susan open their home to a foster child.  Vince’s office is being transformed into a room any child would like to call home.

Episode 7 – The “Oh My Gosh” Room

John and Stephanie love kids.  She runs a day care business out of their living room, and the toys and games that keep the kids happy are upsetting to this couple with all the mess.  The office is such a mess that the organizer’s skills are put to the test.

Episode 8 – Kid Pile-Up

Family is the priority for Steve and Katherine – they’ve moved Steve’s business into their home so he could be closer to the kids.  His business is feeling the strain and their family room is a mess.  The challenge is to help this family get organized.

Episode 9 – Put the Fun Back in Functional

Organizer Shelli Alexander has made it her mission to get this couple to clear out the clutter in their bedroom and office/playroom, but it’s not easy for Jennifer and Dave.  They want the office/playroom to be a kid-friendly, but work-functional space.

Episode 10 – Finish It or Pitch It

Carrie and Kevin have a bedroom/office and a living room/playroom/craft room that need some organizing.  Shelli Alexander forces Carrie to face her denial about the massive collection of craft materials that has been steadily growing.

Episode 11 – Taking Back the House

The mountain of toys that dominate Joel and Ronni’s family room and office proves kids rule their home. Organizer Peter Walsh creates storage to minimize the kiddy clutter.  And Designer Valerie Bickford helps them reclaim both rooms as adult spaces.

Episode 12 – Collectible Madness

Linda and Steve’s home is filled with her collectibles.  Designer Molly Luetkemeyer and carpenter Eric Stromer face their own challenges, trying to remake the office into a functional room, and the guest room into an inviting and warm space.

Episode 13 – Head Over Heels in Clutter

The wallpaper in Michael and Laurice’s master bedroom and family room has been an eyesore for 13 years.  Organizer Peter Walsh faces a challenge as he confronts Laurice’s need to keep items from the past for some possible use in the future.