Show Me How – Season 9

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Season 9 of Show Me How


Episode 13- Washi Tape

Today we’re exploring with Washi Tape. This decorative tape is available in loads of colours and designs. Presenter Gloria Bastos and guest Nadia Ten Cate will use washi tape to decorate party theme items as well as office stationery.

Episode 12 – Decoupage

Miriam Johnson of Brasch Hobby will teach us how to use decoupage to create contemporary items for the home. She will show us how to transform a plain treasure box. Then later Gloria will use texture paints to transform a picture frame into something interesting.

Episode 11 – Curtains and Headboards

Today presenter Gloria Bastos is joined by Azad Khan and Dolla Bailey of Chamdor Faktry. They’ll be showing how to make beautiful headboards and professional looking curtains using beautiful soft furnishings.

Episode 10 – Crochet

Mohammed Bada of Kismet Yarns shares his knowledge of global yarn trends.  His sister Fatima will then show us how to create a colorful throw and then later Gloria makes a table mat.

Episode 9 – Glass Blowing

Greg Miller of The Crucible tells us about the possibilities of hot glass and his colleague David Phukane will show us how to make a beautiful swan glass ornament. Then he’ll show Gloria how to make a glass tube vase.

Episode 8 –  Sugar Art & Chocolate Treats

It’s all about delicious and delectable sweet stuff. Guest Peter Gyorgicsek is going to show us how to make sugar sculptures and then later presenter Gloria Bastos will make yummy chocolate slabs.

Episode 7 – Quilling Designs

Today we’ll be exploring the world of paper filigree known as Quilling. Kim Geyser of K Craft will be showing how to get creative with this medium. First they transform a key rack into something special and then later Gloria will make an artistic canvas design.

Episode 6 – Screen Printing

Presenter Gloria Bastos is joined by Yda Walt of Yda Walt Design Studio and she’ll show us the possibilities of screen printing. First they make a table runner and then Gloria will screen print interesting table napkins.

Episode 5 – Art with Pastel Paints

Ajay Jacobs from Ajay’s Art Foundation will show us how to use chalk pastels to create a work of art. He’ll guide Gloria through the steps of creating her own masterpiece!

Episode 4 – Decorating Wooden Items

Ros Allman of Scrappers Solutions is in studio and she designs all sorts of wooden storage units. First she shows how to use interesting paint techniques to transform a coffee station and then later Gloria decorates a ribbon box.

Episode 3 – Wall Talk Stickers

Today Trudie Ayers of Wall Talk is showing us how to have fun with words. She will show us how to make a dream board to express our goals. And then we’ll take glass bottles & show you new ways to decorate them.

Episode 2 – Making Cards

Joan Spaull of Country Crafts will give us a glimpse of her world of card making. We’ll be making an intricate greeting card. Then Gloria will decorate make and envelope card using rubber stamps.

Episode 1 – Mosaics

Today, Lemaryn Alberts from Mosaics by Lemaryn will show how to make a contemporary tea tray. Then she will show Gloria how to make her own personalised glass tiles.

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