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Cottages and second homes are hot, especially if they’re well priced and show rental potential. Home expert Sarah Richardson and her husband Alexander bought a 1950’s era family cottage to be rented out. In six short weeks, she revives the cottage despite structural surprises, bad weather and remote island location. Sarah’s Rental Cottage proves you can have your piece of paradise and it can pay for itself!

Tommy Smythe joins Sarah and Alexander as they peel back the previous owners’ taste in favour of fresh, bright and connected spaces in line with today’s needs. Even antiquated systems are updated with practical off-the-grid solutions. Not an inch goes untouched in this fast-paced, dollar-wise renovation.

As Sarah, Tommy and Alexander try to stick to plan, they constantly hit roadblocks that require fast thinking and workable solutions. There are no home improvement stores on a tiny island, so absolutely everything must be sent over by barge. Throwing money at a problem is not the answer, as it’ll have impact on the rental’s bottom line. It’s all for one and one for all in this adventure.

The results are nothing short of spectacular! Sarah’s Rental Cottage is a study in relaxed holiday comfort with all the modern conveniences. Every interior and exterior space is recast to maximize the vacation experience in the practical and aesthetic sense, and to embrace the landscape in which this cottage sits. Sarah’s Rental Cottage is so inviting and happy that once you check in you may never wish to leave!