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Sarah Beeny finds out what’s involved for ordinary homeowners who take on the challenge and responsibility of selling their homes the 21st century way.

Each episode, Sarah Beeny follows two stories, as well as providing practical How To information for viewers interested in selling homes online.

Episode 1

In East Sussex, Sarah meets Terri Measures who can no longer afford the upkeep of her listed country cottage and has to sell after her recent divorce.
In Nottingham, Sarah meets the Watsons who bought their 4 bed semi in a bidding war 5 years ago, and now facing selling at a loss.

Episode 2

In Morley, Alex, Charlotte and their 3 kids have got two mortgages and they’re in danger of going bankrupt, they are desperate for a quick online sale. In Cheltenham, Judith Aldridge has lived in her home for 40 years and is ready to sell her grand empty nest, but her daughter in Australia is skeptical of her choosing to sell via an online estate agent.

Episode 3

In Gidea Park, Mark and Lucy had their home on the market for 3 months. In Thames Ditton, Mark Reeves wants to sell his two bedroom flat after a serious health scare and move to the South Coast. Will they take Sarah’s advice?

Episode 4

Mark and Tracey want to recoup their £400,000 investment in their 23 roomed Essex mansion. They take Sarah’s advice and spend a further £5000 on the façade but will they ever get their money back ?
In Solihull, Ceris and Steve Talbot have spent seven years remodeling. Will their meticulous cleaning and well rehearsed sales patter achieve the price they want?

Episode 5

In Flintshire, web designers Sian and Rob Saunders believe their professional marketing skills are the key to selling their house. In North London, sixty year old single Mum Nana Ampaw has been living with her 26 year old daughter and have no time to properly present their home.

Episode 6

Kim and Jocelyn Singh-Landa from Manchester. bought their home for £105,000 but now their home is valued at around £80,000! Will Kim and Jocelyn lose money on their homes sale?
With the birth of son Finley, Jenny and Rob Neal have outgrown their compact flat. Will Jenny and Rob manage to negotiate an extension of their flats lease in time to secure a sale?