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Room To Grow is a Canadian home improvement television show starring Amanda Eaton and Carson Arthur. The series focuses primarily on outdoor landscaping improvements, such as backyard and garden spaces. The series offer viewers practical and inspiring ideas for garden makeovers, showing people how a little thought and energy can transform a good garden into a great outdoor space.


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur coverts a lackluster cottage property into a family’s personal lakeside resort.
Imagine owning a great property in cottage country and not visiting very often or entertaining family and friends beside the lake.  That’s the story for Vince and Anita. He wants a more inviting space for his family and she wants a place that will convince him to leave the city more.  It’s a challenge for Carson but he knows that a new patio complete with fire pit, a large new dock and Natalie’s fresh furnishings will make this drab cottage garden the talk of the lake… and, he’s got a secret weapon in the struggle to break the city’s grip on Vince.
Guest Decorator: Natalie Cooper


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur builds a personal sanctuary on a large rock deep in the woods.
Joy is rebuilding both her house and her life after the recent and unexpected passing of her father and the devastating loss of her home in a fire.  Her only solace has been retreating to a rock outcropping to reflect on her past and plan for her future.  Carson is building a special place for her, not quite a gazebo and not quite an arbour, his rustic design fits right in with the surrounding woodland.  With some free floating screens and teak furnishings Natalie completes the look… it’s a special place to remember her father and a unique retreat from the stresses of her life.
Guest Decorator: Natalie Cooper


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur designs the perfect weekend getaway on an island property for a busy television personality.
Jason is a successful television host, designer and business owner and this hilltop cottage is where he escapes the demands of his jobs and hustle of the city.  He wants everything Carson designs for this space to have a natural, rustic feeling.  From a small patio beside the cottage to the new steps up the steep hill to the plants, Carson is making it feel like his new design has always been here.  Natalie’s furnishings are minimal but they’re comfortable and weather resistant so the entire design involves no maintenance.  In this way, the makeover is not creating any more work at the cottage… it’s the perfect addition to this island retreat.
Guest Decorator: Natalie Cooper


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur creates a serene space  for relaxation in the midst of a woodland.
Terry and Lyndsay have recently purchased a country home on a large lot, certainly large enough for their two dogs to roam, and they’ve recently begun construction on a new deck beside their house.  But it’s not to work on this part of garden that they’ve called in Carson. Their property also includes an extensive woodland that’s only accessible down a steep incline.  This inspiring space has Carson thinking of a large geometric deck with a fire pit in the center, and of course, some stairs to make easier to get down the hill.  Natalie’s rustic furnishings complete the look and now they’ve got a special place deep in the woods to entertain or just get away from it all… and it’s even easier for the dogs to join them.
Guest Decorator: Natalie Cooper


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur takes an unused part of  a lakeside garden and creates a luxurious space for entertainment.
Cory has an amazing cottage with obvious designer touches everywhere.  But underneath the spectacular house-wide, screened in, porch is an empty space surrounded by lattice.  Cory wants to punch out the wall and install doors for access to the basement and this opens up a wealth of opportunities for Carson.  The new space is perfect for a full width patio and Carson has some new flagstone from Nova Scotia that he’s been dying to try.  With his spacious patio and some new plantings and with Natalie’s stylish furnishings this designer cottage will be complete… just the spot to entertain family friends and enjoy the amazing lake view.
Guest Decorator: Natalie Cooper


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur designs a garden for a true gardener.
Marlene is a member of her local horticultural society justifiably proud of her garden, but Carson wouldn’t be there if there weren’t some problems.  Her back yard is exposed to the next door apartment building, her patio is way too small to be useful and her gardens are just around the perimeter of her space.  In Carson’s new design her patio is much larger, an arbour breaks up the view of the nearby building, the garden beds have expanded and Ernst has placed several statues as focal points within the garden itself.  Together they’ve created a space for Marlene to continue her gardening and entertain her fellow horticulturists… it’s now a place for both quiet contemplation and garden parties.
Guest Decorator: Ernst Hupel



In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur builds very large patio for a very large suburban home.
Abdul and Maryam have a large new home in the suburbs, but there small backyard serves no purpose.  They have a dining table that never gets used and the BBQ sits idle as well.  In Carson’s thinking the only possible solution is a large patio that runs from one side of the house to other.  Unique privacy screens, a redesigned garden bed and a fantastic collection of furnishings brought in by Ernst create the perfect space for entertaining family and friends… it’s an elegant solution.
Guest Decorator: Ernst Hupel


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur designs a special place in the garden for everyone in the family.
The Lockwood family is evenly divided when comes to how they like to enjoy their back yard.  Mom and daughter like to relax and entertain friends, Dad and son like to play their favourite sports, basketball and golf.  An interesting dilemma for Carson in designing a harmonious space that will meets everyone’s needs.  The solution, expanding the existing deck and patio and, of course, adding a putting green. The expanded patio can accommodate Ernst’s lightweight, moveable furniture as well as the portable basketball net … no doubt this is now a garden that can serve many purposes.
Guest Decorator: Ernst Hupel
In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur takes a very awkward space and creates a yard the whole family can enjoy.
Nila and Jacen don’t actually have a backyard, it’s more of a side yard and the triangular shape makes it a challenge for Carson.  He also has to create a space that works for adults and two very active young boys.  The design features a deck right off the back of the house for lounging, a larger circular patio for dining and play structure for the boys to soften the corner.  Suzanne’s furniture adds a splash of vibrant color and the comfortable lounge furniture makes the perfect spot for Nila and Jacen to relax as the boys romp in the  play structure… they’re within sight but the noise far away.
Guest Decorator: Suzanne Martin



In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur takes a lackluster backyard and gives it a west coast spin with a special added feature.
The grass in Charles and Nancy’s small space has outlived it’s usefulness.  Their two children are past the age where it makes any sense to try and save the lawn.  Instead of the grass, Carson is planning a large, unique patio, in the center is a giant chessboard.  Some necessary painting, some reorganizing of the plant bed and a dash of clean contemporary style from Suzanne’s furniture and accessories completes the transformation.  Now the yard matches the style of the addition and the patio can go from a place to lounge to place to play in a matter of seconds.
Guest Decorator: Suzanne Martin


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur tackles a backyard that is in desperate need of a makeover.
Julie and Rob are an active young couple who love to use their backyard for relaxing and entertaining throughout the year.  Rob and his friends even like to watch hockey games on tv on the deck in the fall and winter.  However, the space is a mess.  The old deck is too small, there are three different kinds of fences and large brown garage dominates the back of the yard.  Carson is planning a much larger deck, some new fences, stones to cover the garage and his plantings will distract the visitor from some of the neighbour’s landscape choices.  Best of all, the pea gravel in the back of the yard is a perfect spot for a game of bocci ball … at least until hockey season starts.
Guest Decorator: Suzanne Martin


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur takes on the rejuvenation of a condo courtyard and faces owners with twelve separate opinions.
Working with a diverse group of condominium owners is a new challenge for Carson and this courtyard has fallen into disrepair because the homeowners can’t seem to agree on what they want in the space.  Their solution, turn it over to Carson and let him make the decisions.  And so he’s off and running, creating a large water feature and building seating areas throughout the space.  Large plants add colour and life to the space.  Most importantly, all of the elements are low maintenance, after all the homeowners want a courtyard that’s nice to look at, but no one wants the responsibility for the upkeep of the new garden.  In the end, the final makeover features something all the owners can finally agree on … it looks great.
Guest Decorator: Patricia Ransom 


In this episode, landscape designer Carson Arthur creates a fabulous front yard for a classic tudor home with a bit of stone, cedar and style.
Ron and Jane have no idea how to design a front yard that matches their large Tudor home so they’ve called in Carson.  He knows that the front yard is the first thing guests see when they arrive and it’s the last impression guests have when they leave, so the effect he wants is dramatic.  The old cement steps need a face lift, the front walk needs widening and Carson wants privacy from the neighbours and protection from the lawn area as that’s where the kids play soccer.  Taking his cue from his west coast location Carson is using native stone and cedar and he’s working with local designer, Patti, to add the final touches. Together they make this front yard more than just a pass through space … it’s also a place linger.
Guest Decorator:  Patricia Ransom