Recycled Window Frame

Making something new out of something old can be very rewarding. Peter and Annalien buy an old window frame and convert it into a lovely picture frame and they add a shelf and some coat hooks to make practical as well. Be inspired and get the information you need, step by step to build your very own picture frame.

You will need:

 Tools  Materials
Electric Glue gun – Bosch PKP 18 E Old cottage pane window 6-8 panel/window
PST 18 JigSaw Masonite board – cut to size for broken windows (there should be enough in the workshop) pre cut 3 to size and prepaint with blackboard paint. We can show them on camera how to do one from scratch
PSR 18 Cordless drill Pine shelf 20mm x 120mm x length of window plus 300mm longer
PSM 18 Cordless Sander hooks – 5 fancy door knobs (Builders has a range of new décor type knobs that would look nice)
PEX Sander Paint – 1ltr (bright modern colour would be nice)
PFS 300 Spray gun Black board paint
  Backing board for note board 6mm ply wood  +/- 500 x 500mm
  wooden pegs
  Light paint (we can use whatever you have)
  Dark spray paint (brown one you have will work)

Step by step guide:

Dressing up Project Life cards
Project life cards don’t have to be expensive and purpose made, but you can rather use your scraps and things you have on hand to fill your albums creatively. Here are a few ways of doing just that…

  1. Print your photos to the size of your pockets. Emboss the corner of a photo using your embossing folders and your Cuttlebug machine. Then lightly sand the top raised surface of the embossing using a sanding block to highlight the pattern.
  2. Emboss plain cardstock or patterned paper with embossing folders and ink the top edge of the embossed pattern to highlight the details.
  3. Add buttons to project life cards that has a printed message on them – remember to sew the buttons with thread to finish them off nicely. “A button that is not sewn is not really a button”
  4. Add word word stickers to photos and cards – sentiments, phrases and your own handwriting can add so much more to a plain printed card. It will add colour and dimension to any pattern.
  5. Brads, diamante and chipboard letters is a nice way of adding details quickly to dress up a bland looking photo or Project Life card.

TIP: to add diamante to your card easily without getting adhesive on your hands – add a small drop of adhesive to your paper, then use a white wax crayon and gently press onto the diamante, the diamante to stick to the crayon, now lift the wax crayon and place the diamante on top of the glue on your paper. As soon as the diamante touches the glue it will let go of the crayon.

You can also use your wax crayon to lift small punched flowers and other elements like paper flowers easily.

  1. Punch shapes out of scrap cardstock pieces and adhere them to your photos and project life cards.

These are quick and easy ways to use elements ion your Project Life album that you may already own. You don’t have to spend loads of money to create or preserve those precious memories!


Get the plan:

Recycled Window frame