Recycled Table

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Peter and Annalien give an old window new life by turning it into a lovely coffee table. Be inspired by turning your very own trash into treasure. See how easy it is to re-cycle and do your bit to help save the environment.

You will need:

Tools Materials
Jigsaw 20mm pine (planed all round) 
Router Table long sides – 140 mm x 1075mm – 2 pieces
PEX 300 sander (New one) Table short sides – 140mm x 600 mm – 2 pieces
PSR 18 cordless drill driver Legs 90mm x 500 mm – 4 pieces
PSR 1080 screw driver Legs 70 mm x 500 mm – 4 pieces
Planer Qtr round 10/12mm – 10mtrs total. (meranti or Pine)
PFS Spray gun Glass to fit window size x 3 pieces
Heat gun Wood glue
Small claw hammer  4x 40 mm screws
small wood chisel (12-16mm wide) 4 x 30mm screws
Small flat scraper 12 mm panel pins
  16mm panel pins
  All purpose primer Water based
  Semi gloss/sheen paint – water based (wash n wear, like silk etc)
  Masking tape – 2 rolls (wide type)
  News paper to close up windows for painting

Follow these steps

Re-cycle Window

  1. Remove all fittings, hinges and any other metal
  2. Remove all window putty and glass
  3. Remove paint
  4. Trim to size
  5. Sand
  6. Replace glass and put in qtr rounds

Sides and legs

  1. Measure and mark out where table sides and legs fit together
  2. Cut out shape for sides and legs
  3. Join sides to window
  4. Join all legs and attach to inside of the table sides
  5. Sand all
  6. Mask glass closed
  7. Apply undercoat
  8. Once dry apply paint
  9. Remove all the masking tape and wala.

Download the plan

Re-cycled Coffee table