Recycled Garden Bench

Recycling or re-purposing is a great start for any DIY project! Peter and Annalien show you how to give new life to two old dining room chairs by transforming it into a garden bench!

You will need:

Tools Material list
PCM 7 Compound Mitre saw Pine PAR 20mm
PST 18 Jigsaw Slats 1200mm x 100 mm – 13 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless 3 chairs
PEX 220 sander Pine/ply wood to fit chair insert/seat area 
PFS 2000 Spray gun  
  pine wood filler
PPR 250 Roller 4 x 40mm screws
  water proof wood glue – quick set
  varnish – 1 ltr 

Follow these steps


  1. Cut seat part out of chairs
  2. Measure and drill pilot holes in the seat part
  3. Router slats
  4. Fasten seat slats
  5. Brace sides and middle (cut wood to fit as required)
  6. Fit front skirt
  7. Drill and attach bottom slats
  8. Cut shape into back slats to the shape of the chair and attach.
  9. Sand and varnish or paint


  1. Cut off the back part
  2. Remove any seat remnants
  3. Cut wood to size
  4. Attach table top into the seat area
  5. Sand and varnish/paint to match table

Take a closer look

IMG_7975 IMG_7976 IMG_7977

Download the design template

 >>Repurposed garden bench