Ready Set Reno

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Design and construction power-couple Michael and Carlene are scouring all corners of Australia in search of the best home renovations, whilst simultaneously trying to finish their own renovation that has been six years in the making. So, learn a thing or two and meet some of the best designers Australia has to offer, teaming up with real Australians battling to achieve their dream home.

Episode 1

Deanne and Darren invite Michael and Carlene to their challenging restoration in Kew, Melbourne.

Episode 2

Michael and Carlene meet Stella and Paul, a young family who have contracted design and build duo Zoubuild to transform a house that has amazing potential, into their dream home.

Episode 3

Elite Holiday Homes offers the most luxurious accommodation on the Gold Coast, but now they have to transform a massive and gaudy 90s home into a fun, safe and modern house.

Episode 4

As Michael and Carlene begin to tackle their own bathroom, they get in touch with Tony and his team at Crystal bathrooms for some inspiration. 

Episode 5

Architect Shaun Lockyer invites Michael and Carlene to his upcoming masterpiece in Brisbane. Having created so many incredible homes the bar is set extremely high for Shaun.

Episode 6

Good mate and licensed builder Gordo invites Michael and Carlene down to one of the homes he’s working on in the prestigious South Yarra, Melbourne.

Episode 7

It’s Michael and Carlene’s first visit to Perth as renowned Hamptons designer Natalee Bowen from Indah Island has an amazing Heritage project in Subiaco.

Episode 8

Sam Dixon is a good friend of Michael and Carlene and often gets them to see his work. This job in Brisbane, however, is nothing ordinary, and neither are the clients.

Episode 9

Michael and Carlene head back to Perth for a master class in Hamptons design as Natalee shows off some of her best tips and tricks to making the ultimate Hamptons-styled home.

Episode 10

After all the hard work the day has finally come for Michael and Carlene to reveal their dream home to the world.