Rachels Favourite Food for Living – Past Series

In this 13 part series, Rachel once again demonstrates great, easy recipes which use easily accessible ingredients. This is cooking for the real world, cooking that understands the time pressure many people are under.

Episode 13

Sometimes an event calls for a grown-up celebration and in this programme Rachel cooks some very special dishes, the kind that you might find in a sophisticated restaurant but which can in fact be cooked, relatively easily, at home: Salad with Beetroot, Goat’s Cheese and Toasted Hazelnuts, Baked Black Sole with Champagne Sauce with Clams and Julienne of Vegetables, Pavlova

Episode 12

Asian food is wonderful at providing fantastic flavour without fats or dairy products. Rachel visits the English Market in Cork to buy ingredients for  crab and prawn soup and Korean beef.

Episode 11

Fast food doesn’t have to be greasy and unhealthy and in this programme Rachel demonstrates how to make home-made pizza, spicy chicken wings, burgers with guacamole and cheese croquettes – children’s food that adults love too.

Episode 10

Good, home-made pub food is always a treat and quite often pubs serve classic favourites, such as leek and potato soup, chicken kiev, and sticky chocolate pudding with toffee sauce, which Rachel makes at home.

Episode 9

Formal afternoon tea is enjoying a revival and in this programme Rachel demonstrates some of her tea-time favourites:  scones and blueberry jam, afternoon tea cake, Greek almond crescents and chocolate melting moments.

Episode 8

This week Rachel dedicates the whole programme to chocolate, and visits O’Connell’s chocolate shop in Cork. Rachel helps whip up White Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnut and Caramel bars and Cappuccino Torte.

Episode 7

This week Rachel recreates some memorable dishes she has had on holiday including Zac’s Aztec soup, baked fish, basil and prawn paté and Pannacotta


Episode 6

Food can be particularly evocative and smells and tastes can remind one of childhood in a flash. This week Rachel meets Myrtle Allen at Ballymaloe and watches as Mrs Allen prepares a favourite dish for generations of children; Ballymaloe Balloons.

Back in her own kitchen, Rachel cooks her mother’s roast chicken with stuffing, lemonade and white chocolate buns.

Episode 5

This week Rachel explores some of the delicious and easy to source seafood recipes featuring bretonne prawns, squid salad and mussels.

Episode 4

This week Rachel is invited to cook a ‘grown-up’ Sunday lunch at a friend’s house which features slow shoulder of lamb, piperonata, broccoli with garlic and lemon and chocolate amaretti cake

Episode 3

This week Rachel creates a range of comforting food, or food for the soul, as she cooks up Italian baked pancakes, chickpea and choriso soup and yummy white chocolate and raspberry brownies.

Episode 2

In the second programme in the series Rachel, a romantic at heart, suggests some romantic dishes to cook for someone special on that all-important first date, or on a twentieth wedding anniversary:

Episode 1

The first programme in the series is introduced from Isaac’s Restaurant in Cork, Rachel joins the chef to make a classic French Onion soup. She then returns to her own kitchen in East Cork and makes steak, chips and Bernaise sauce, Chicken and Puy lentil salad and Lemon tart.


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