Video Questions for Tanya Visser

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How to get my lawn green now that it ‘s spring?

How to look after my herbs during the winter months?

Should I be planting indigenous or exotic plants?

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Can I save my lawn after spraying Kombat Wipe out?

Please provide me with the name of the hybrid name which was used to plant in a pot



I have sprayed Kombat Wipe-out none selective foiliar control of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaved weeds onto my lawn to get rid of winter grass my whole lawn has now gone brown can I save it or must I replace the lawn.regards Anthony

  • Answer from Tanya
    • Oh my word, well as the product states it is Non selective, it will kill everything it touches. So yip I am afraid need to replace the lawn , sorry.


Hi Tanya

I refer to last week show (Episode 5), please provide me with the name of the hybrid name which was used to plant in a pot?

Where will I be able to purchase this hybrid?

Thank you for your assistance!

Charlene Pienaar

  • Answer from Tanya:
    • The plant you are enquiring about is a hybrid Aloe called:
    • Aloe bushwacker. It is a new hybrid, a cross with central African aloes, so they flower in winter and autumn. Low growing, clump forming – stunning!