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The battle between the city and the suburbs heats up in this lifestyle format. Homebuyers everywhere face a common dilemma:where do you buy your dream home? Do you live in a smaller space in the heart of the city, or move to the suburbs, where you get more space for your money? Guiding the way are two expert realtors. One champions city living, while the other reveals the perks of life in the suburbs.
In each episode, city and suburb living go head to head as this lively team meets prospective home buyers searching for their dream home.

Season 3

Episode 1 – Steve and Cherie

Real Estate experts Phil and Sarah go head to head while trying to find Steve and Cherie their dream home. Steve wants to be close to his parents and give his kids the idyllic childhood he had growing up in Port Moody. Cherie loves the culture and excitement that can be found in the city and thinks Riley Park is the perfect urban neighbourhood for the whole family. But with two active little ones, they are at the boiling point and know it’s time to move! Will Sarah find Steve’s Suburban dream house or will Phil win big with Cherie’s Urban Oasis?

Episode 2 – Kent & Christine

Real Estate Experts Phil & Sarah engage in some sibling rivalry as they search for the perfect home for Kent & Christine, who are about to blend their two families. Christine lives in the cozy seaside town of White Rock with her three daughters and is hard pressed to leave the area as the girls are still in school, and have plenty of friends there too. However, as the eldest is soon graduating and Kent’s two daughters are going to be leaving the nest soon, Kent is thinking about downsizing so he and Christine can enjoy an active vibrant social life closer to down town. Kent & Christine’s struggle is ALL about lifestyle. Do they keep the status quo or do they downsize so they can be closer to town and enjoy all it has to offer?

Episode 3 – Paul & Vimmy

The race is on for Real Estate experts Phil & Sarah as they look for the perfect home for Paul & Vimmy and their teenage son Hastyn and 1 year old daughter Maya. Vimmy is a domestic Diva and would much prefer to raise Maya in the cozy seaside village of White Rock where there are plenty of amenities and some of the lower mainland’s best schools. Paul however, is not convinced that the suburbs are right for them as he works in the city and loves the variety of restaurants it offers him and Vimmy on those important date nights! This family is ready to find a more neighbourly, family friendly community with some variety in stores, restaurants and people. Will Sarah find it in the sleepy suburbs of White Rock or will Phil hit a home run in the quaint chic urban Point Grey?

Episode 4 – Rick & Anita

Real Estate Experts Phil & Sarah engage in some sibling rivalry as they hunt for the perfect home for Rick & Anita and their son Liam in Victoria. The Garden City was only meant to be a pit stop for Rick & Anita. They have been renting a temporary home for three years that they picked because of its proximity to Anita’s work, downtown, and the beautiful biking and waterfront trails Victoria is famous for. However, now they are going to purchase, Rick is thinking about the future and wants to find a home they can grow into with more children and a dog! Will Sarah find the Suburban dream house that’s practical for this young active family or will Phil find the Urban home that gives them the community and quality of life they want?

Episode 5 – John & Kanne

Real Estate Experts Phil and Sarah battle it out as they try to find John and Kanne the perfect home in Victoria. After having tenants live with them for almost 25 years John & Kanne are ready to have a little privacy. Kanne feels the need for a quieter suburban life in Mill Bay that would allow her to maybe have some chickens and be closer to their daughter, who attends boarding school in neighbouring Brentwood Bay. However, for John, being close to culture, the university where he works, and having easy access to the airport or ferries is just as important. Will Sarah find the artist’s retreat in the suburbs for Kanne or can Phil find the perfect modern city home in the beautiful capitol city for John?

Episode 6 – Jeff & Marian

Real Estate Experts Phil & Sarah battle it out in the booming city of Calgary. Jeff & Marian, an active young couple with a 2yr. old little girl named Elizabeth, are expecting their second child. With the family expanding and the clock ticking it is time for them to move but one thing is for sure; they are split on where to go. Marian wants the chic, youthful urban neighbourhood of Marda Loop with its easy access to downtown and a variety of great cafes and restaurants. Jeff is looking to raise his family in the quiet suburbs of Aspen Woods where you’ll find some great schools, safe streets and excellent sports and community centres.

Episode 7 – Rosslyn & Adrian

Real Estate experts, Phil & Sarah engage in some sibling rivalry in Calgary as they search for the perfect home and neighbourhood for Rosslyn & Adrian. Having fun, playing sports, going to the pub, hockey games, and dinner at the newest restaurants have always been a part of Adrian and Rosslyn’s life, up until now! They are ready to settle down and are looking towards the future with kids and a dog, but they are split on where to buy their next home. Adrian thinks they can hold onto their pre-kid life in the city as they build a family but Rosslyn is sure that it is time to head to the safe, quiet suburbs for the next chapter in their lives. Will Phil and Sarah win this in regulation time or will Rosslyn & Adrian’s indecision make this a double header?

Episode 8 – Chris & Tonikka

Real Estate experts Phil and Sarah go head to head in Edmonton to find Chris & Tonikka the perfect home. This busy family of five’s active lifestyle has them commuting all over the map and they are ready for their compass to point in one direction. Chris and Tonnika have spread themselves too thin and need to relocate to reclaim their lives! Chris is certain the solution is Sherwood Park; an older suburban neighbourhood where the kids already participate in many activities, and attend school. Tonikka however has a very different idea of the perfect home and wants to live urban in Forest Heights to be closer to work, the city and her Mom. Phil and Sarah have their work cut out for them with Chris & Tonikka’s unwavering demands

Episode 9 – Leanne & Jason

Real Estate Agents Phil and Sarah will need to find some impressive homes in Edmonton to sway their opposition, as Leanne and Jason have very different priorities! Leanne is desperate to get back to nature and away from the monotonous landscape of Suburbia that she believes the beautiful urban River Valley area can provide. Jason, however, has his eyes set on St Albert, a prestigious suburban community where most of their friends and family reside and as a renovation contractor he would be close to large hardware stores and the highways to easily travel to job sites. Will Phil help Leanne get back to nature in an urban green space or can Sarah win big for Chris, the suburban contractor?

Episode 10 – Robert & Sheena

Real estate experts Phil and Sarah have their hands full this week when they’re teamed up with strong-willed couple, Robert & Sheena who are both competing relentlessly to win the urban versus suburban battle. Robert is an avid outdoorsman and wants to live where green lawns and big, old trees, not high rises and bus stops, line the pavement. The suburban neighbourhood of Pickering is his choice and Robert feels it’s the perfect location for their first home purchase. Sheena believes Liberty Village is the place to be because it’s disconnected from the city enough to have a suburban community feel while still offering the culture, amenities, and social activities only the city can provide. Will Phil and Sheena be able to convince Robert that living urban doesn’t have to mean living in a concrete jungle?

Episode 11 – Kate & Nathan

Phil & Sarah go head to head as they search for the perfect home in Toronto for Kate and Nathan and their 13-month-old daughter Ainsley. Kate and Nathan plan to add to their family and both agree that a new chapter is about to begin in their lives. But, they certainly don’t agree on where that chapter will be located! Kate firmly hangs onto city life where she feels that she has been able to access great community programs and enjoy the company of friends. Nathan believes he leans to a more realistic choice as they plan to expand their family. Nathan wants the suburbs so they can be closer to their families and what he considers a better quality of life. Phil will have to find an idyllic urban home in the popular High Park area of Toronto to convince Nathan, while Sarah will be hunting for Kate’s dream house in suburban Burlington to win her over.

Episode 12 – Greg & Jennifer

Real estate experts Phil and Sarah engage in a little sibling rivalry as they house hunt in Toronto with Greg and Jennifer. Jennifer currently has her own 600 square foot condo and Greg is still living at home with Mom and Dad. Needless to say, Greg spends a lot of time at Jennifer’s cramped place and they both agree they can’t move forward in their relationship unless they have a place to call their own! Jennifer is drawn to the trendy, convenience of The Junction and sees it as a perfect fit for them as a young couple. Greg is a hobby mechanic and having the garage space to tinker in a suburb like Erin Mills is pivotal to his happiness. Phil may have Jennifer, an architectural consultant, on his side, but Sarah’s suburban mechanic knows that this relationship might stall if they don’t find that right home.

Episode 13 – Colleen & Michael

Real estate experts Phil and Sarah battle it out in Toronto while house hunting with Colleen and Michael. Colleen and Michael live in a large four-bedroom house with an in ground pool located in Mississauga. To many this would sound like a nice suburban dream come true. However, for Colleen this is a cleaning nightmare! Life is busy enough and Colleen would much rather be spending her time with her family than commuting to work and cleaning up and the weekend. Mike, however, loves the lack of noise, extra space, and parks that the suburbs have to offer. He quite likes his little castle in the ‘burbs and doesn’t see how an urban neighbourhood like Mimico can service their lives with children.