The Unsellables

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Capturing the high-stakes drama of a home that just won’t sell, join British property guru Sofie Allsopp and THE UNSELLABLES team as they transform design-challenged properties into irresistible gems. Offering plenty of how-to tips along the way, Sofie turns unsightly homes from unsellable to sold!

Floral Overload

Jerry and Sally are eager to move their 3 kids in time for the new school year but their unsellable home is holding them back. Property expert Sofie Allsopp intervenes the floral themed granny décor!

Mancave Monstrosity

Nadine and Travon’s house has been on the market for 18 months without a single offer. Determined to turn things around, property expert Sofie Allsopp steps in with a gorgeous design plan!

Toy Takeover

With two active children, Kendal and Aaron have outgrown their three-bedroom townhouse. Desperate to move without a buyer for 2 years Sofie Allsopp steps in with a plan to transform their home.

Sun, Surf & Selling

Patti and Ralph have lived in their outdated décor family beach house ever since he built it 20 years ago. Property expert Sofie Allsopp revamps this dated beach house before it languishes for another year. 

Bathroom Blunders

After three years on the market, Tommy and Heather have just about given up on selling their country house. With cluttered interiors and oversized furniture Sofie Allsopp steps in with a plan.

Museum Manor

Petra and Patrick are desperate to sell their stately Victorian home in Savannah, Georgia. One problem: creepy museum décor! Sofie Allsopp explains the taxidermy, decapitated dolls, and dreary colour scheme have got to go.

Curb Un-Appeal

Josh and Jordan are hoping to sell their three-bedroom Savannah, Georgia bungalow. Sofie Allsopp explains its mismatched furniture and patterns is perhaps the reason why buyers can’t see beyond the mess.

Wallpaper Woes

After 24 years in their family home, single mom Lauren and her daughter Taylor are ready to sell! Property expert Sofie Allsopp says the house is living in the past and comes up with a knockout design plan.

Basement Blues

Ten years of family wear and tear have left their mark on Manuela and Ramon’s four-bedroom ranch style home in Valley Stream, New York. Sofie Allsopp explains that outdated décor, worn wallpaper and over-the-top paint colors sends potential buyers running.

Gothic Cathedral

Mark transformed his four-bedroom Lynbrook, Long Island home into a gothic church-inspired castle for two. Property expert Sofie Allsopp confirms that their oversize furniture and over-the-top dark décor are a major turnoff for potential buyers.

Mediterranean Mess

With 2 young children, Jaclyn and Michael have outgrown their two-bedroom home in New York. Sofie Allsopp comes up with a plan for a budget-friendly transformation that includes a cohesive colour scheme and a custom breakfast nook.

Jam Packed!

After 7 months on the market without a single offer, it seems no one’s interested in Ruth’s 3 bedroom home in Queens. Sofie Allsopp unveils a dramatic plan to reveal the home’s gracious layout and potential.

Nightclub Nightmare

With purple walls, flashy disco accents, & nightclub-themed interiors, Jessica and Brandon completely overhauled their sprawling Toronto townhouse. Sofie Allsopp unveils a dramatic friendly makeover.