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Home staging – one of real estate’s fastest-growing trends – is the art of transforming drab homes that just won’t sell into luxurious living spaces that have the potential to spark all-out bidding wars. “THE STAGERS” gives viewers behind-the-scenes access to the high-octane working lives of stagers from Dekora, one of Canada’s premier staging companies. From tips and tantrums to last minute touch-ups, each episode highlights exactly how hard and fast stagers must work to transform a home from dated to designer – often in a matter of five days or less.

EPISODE 1: The Frame Job

Matthew takes on a cluttered loft full of bulky furniture and bachelor décor. He has four days to transform the property into a chic, spacious home while staying within the parameters of a tight budget. Matthew and stager-in-training Rukiya will have to devise some stylish solutions without spending a lot of money.

EPISODE 2: A Tale of Two Condos

Mother and daughter duo Maureen and Bridget are challenged to stage not one, but two cramped condos simultaneously! At 465 and 797 square feet respectively, prospective buyers are going to have a difficult time imagining how to live there. The stagers need to create the feeling of comfort and functionality in these small spaces while facing some new challenges – including two pillow-loving pugs.

EPISODE 3: Quest for Fire

Matthew grapples with a feisty, 1000 square foot condo that tends to leave potential buyers baffled about how the furnishings will fit. In staging the property, Matthew needs to maximize the space and figure out how to demonstrate its livability and elegance. Aided by stager-in-training Rukiya, the pair must also find a way to showcase the 2000 square foot deck, which the realtor Gina believes is an important selling feature.

EPISODE 4: The Feng Shui Fuss

Mother and daughter design team Maureen and Bridget have four days to bring definition and flow to an empty penthouse. The owner is a strong advocate of Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese design philosophy – and has specifically requested Maureen for her expertise in the field. That means Maureen will be forced to take the reigns and assume a leadership role on this job, while Bridget takes a backseat – a new experience for this staging duo.

EPISODE 5: Pillar Talk

Matthew is tasked with staging a condo in a prestigious new building — the tallest in the city. The view is incredible, but it’s not the first thing people notice. Instead, they’re confronted with three gigantic pillars in the living room and master bedroom that make for an awkward layout. Matthew and his assistant Sarah will have to work around these obstacles and transform the oddly designed property into one that lives up to the million-dollar view.

EPISODE 6: Bringing it Home

Stager, Dina turns a critical eye toward her ownhome, as she prepares the four-bedroom property for sale. The ‘70s retro furniture and intense colour scheme won’t appeal to the mainstream buyer, so Dina will have to find a way to soften and modernize the house. What’s more she needs to get the house on the market right away, in order to stay ahead of the 0competition. This means transforming the property quickly, while balancing double duties as both homeowner and stager!

EPISODE 7: Dazzling a Designer

Matthew and Gail have five days to bring the wow factor to an impeccably designed, but vacant spec house. Finding furniture, art and accessories that are luxurious enough to compliment this high-end property, while staying within their means, will be the challenge. On top of that the stagers feel extra pressure to impress the client – a no nonsense designer who is counting on Matthew and Gail to present her labour of love in the best possible light. In facing this challenge together, the duo will discover they’re actually staging soul mates!