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Relocation, Relocation is back! Yes, Kirstie Allsopp & Phil Spencer return once again with a whole new list of couples looking to make property AND lifestyle moves that will change their lives forever.

Whether it’s a dream family home, a bolthole in sunny climes, or even a brand new business, TV’s top property duo will be battling one of the most challenging property markets in living memory to ensure their house hunters make all the right moves.

As always there’s the usual mix of charm and cheek, tears and tantrums as Kirstie and Phil attempt to make property dreams come true.

Episode 1 – Carole, Alan and Lauren

This week Kirstie and Phil are in Devon taking on a triple search for a dog daft family. Carole and Alan Langman are keen to pursue a dog training business with their daughter Lauren, bag themselves a bolt hole AND give son Lloyd a helping hand onto the property ladder. This week, Phil and Kirstie have it all to do to satisfy all of them.

Episode 2 – Pav and Mikael

This week Phil and Kirstie are in Manchester struggling to satisfy a perfectionist and his partner on the hunt for their first… and second property purchases.

Episode 3 – Christine and Keith

Phil and Kirstie tackle their biggest search area ever when they scour an entire country seeking out a whole new way of life for two would be hoteliers.

Episode 4 – Sunee and Will

This week it’s all about family as Phil and Kirstie help a couple intent on swimming against the tide to bring their young family back to London from Bristol. Having got used to their massive period property in Bristol can they compromise on a London property to get the lifestyle they need and bag an investment flat for to secure their kids’ futures?

Episode 5 – Helen and Grant (Connie and Ray) Revisit

In one of Phil and Kirstie’s biggest relocations ever, they took on the challenge of reuniting this family who’d been living thousands of miles apart for 10 years. Grant and Helen were looking for a party pad in London, but also wanted to help bring his parents home from South   Africa where soaring crime rates had Connie and Ray living on their nerves. Could Phil and Kirstie bring this family back together?

Episode 6 – Emma and Steve Revisit

Emma and Steve originally asked Phil and Kirstie to find them a new home in rural Wales and a city pad in Bristol so they could leave Milton Keynes behind and embrace a new life in the country. From the start, however, it became clear that getting land and stabling for their horse was really the main focus for the Welsh property. If the land was right for Phoenix, Emma and Steve, would make the house work for them!

Episode 7 – Louise and Peter Revisit

This pair of successful executive coaches were finding themselves in demand in the capital and the stress of travelling to and from Bristol was wearing them out. They were desperate to make a new start in the capital and embrace its energy and vibrancy. But they also wanted to keep one welly in the West Country by buying a second home in Wiltshire with the intention of splitting their time between the two properties.

Episode 8 – Laurie and Celeste

This week sees Kirstie and Phil take on lovestruck Englishman Laurie, and his Australian sweetheart Celeste. Having moved from Australia to London together they are desperate to swap their rented flat in the capital for a life of rural bliss in West Sussex, and top their relocation off with an investment property in London. As co workers who also live together, they need to redress their work/life balance and find a home that allows them both the space to pursue their own interests. Hailing from the youthful land down under Celeste is understandably bowled over by the charm and period features of England’s ancient houses. She’s never seen anything like it at home, so she’s keen to live in a chocolate box period property – she’s won’t be content with anything less than a home dripping in dado rails, original fireplaces, stained glass, the works.

Episode 9 – Alison and David

This week Kirstie and Phil take on Phil’s dream search – hunting for a home with a pub attached. David and Alison Allen are ready to take control of their own destinies and carve out a new life following his redundancy, and they’ve decided that running a country pub with rooms is the way to do it. Because this will be a new endeavour for them, their daughter Jess as agreed to get involved – bringing invaluable experience and a degree in hospitality with her.