Jurassic garden- “The Untold Story”

The untold story is a garden designed by a group of Final year Landscaping students as they look to look the Jurassic times for inspiration.

Experience the wonder of the prehistoric rainforest and be transported back through time to the age when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

    1. Dioon mejiae “ Mexican Cycad”
    2. Sagina subulata “Irish Moss”
    1. Philodendron “Hope”
    2. Microlepia speluncea “Medium Fern”
    3. Solenostemon hybrid “Wizard Jade”
    1. Caesalpinia ferrea “ Leopard tree”
    2. Philodendron “Hope”
    3. Rumohra adiantiformis “Leatherleaf Fern”
    4. Tillandsia
    5. Orchids
    1. Alocasia infernalis “Black Magic”
    2. Asparagus densiflorus
    3. Philedendron “Hope”
    4. Rumohra adiantiformis “Leatherleaf Fern”
    5. Solenostemon hybrid “Wizard Joe”
    6. Solenostemon hybrid “Crimson Gold”
    7. Microlepia speluncea “Medium Fern”
    8. Cyathea australis “Australian Tree Fern”
    1. Dicksonia antarctica  “Tasmanian Tree Fern”
    1. Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea”
    2. Lysimachia nummularia “Goldilocks”
    1. Cyathea australis “Australian Tree Fern”
    2. Solenostemon hybrid “Wizard Joe”
    3. Solenostemon hybrid “Crimson Gold”
    4. Microlepia speluncea “Medium Fern”
    5. Asparagus densiflorus
    6. Lysimachia nummularia “Aurea”

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