Aztecs – “Moctezuma’s hymn to flowers”

Moctezuma’s hymn to flowers: This garden pays homage to the ancient civilization of the Aztecs. With no remaining records left, the team of Final year landscaping students look to the ruins of the old temples in the deep jungles of Mexico to recreate an Aztec inspired garden.

Plant List

  1. Vertical Wall
    1. Asparagus densiflorus ‘Mazeppa’
    2. Asystasia gangetica
    3. Lotus bertholotti
  2. Wheatfield
    1. Chlorophytum saundersiae
    2. Chasmanthium latifolia
  3. Pelargonium pettatum ‘Colourcade’
  4. Mentha pulegium spp
  5. Halleria lucida
  6. Buddleja saligna
  7. Combretum erythrophyllum
  8. Front Terrace
    1. Snap Dragon
    2. Hypoestes sanguinolenta
    3. Cineraria maritime ‘Silver’
    4. Zinnia
    5. Fennel  vulgare ‘Rubrum’
    6. Rumex acetose ‘Sunguinius’
    7. Coreopsis ‘Pineapple Pie’
    8. Santolina chamaecyparissus

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