Wine Rack

To build your own wine rack, you will need:

Tools Materials
PTD 40 Drill Press Pine 20mm (PAR) Please check that its straight.
GST 18 Jigsaw Base top and bottom – 500 x 500 mm – 2 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless drill Base – sides – 60 mm x 500mm – 4 pieces
Router Wine rack sides – 530 mm x 400 – 6 pieces (NB grain in direction of long size)
PFS Spray gun Wine rack front & back – 550 x 80mm – 6 pieces ((NB grain in direction of long size)
PSR 1080 cordless drill driver Wine rack top 500 mm x 300 mm – 1 piece (grain in direction of long size)
PSR select Screw Driver Wheels x 4 (if we make it mobile) if not 4 x door stops
  4 x 40mm screws
  wood glue
  paint – 1lt white and 1ltr back ground colour (grey can work)
wood for cheese board – (we will use something from the workshop)

Steps for building your wine rack

  1. Base – join the top and sides.
  2. Wine rack part
  3. – drill holes and router
    • Cut shape into side
    • Join sides, front and back slats together.
    • Repeat for the other 2 racks
  4. Assemble wine racks to base
  5. Attach bottom to base
  6. Attach top and fill all screw holes.
  7. Paint grey colour on and let dry.
  8. Paint white on and wipe with damp cloth to get effect.
  9. Let dry and attach wheels.

 Plan for the wine rack

Printable Plan for a wine rack