Bedside Table

What you need

Tools Materials
GST 18 Jigsaw Meranti 20mm
Router plus parallel guide Table top  460 x 460mm – 1 piece
PSR 18 Cordless drill Top sides 500 x 80mm – 4 pieces
Spray Gun Top sides 500 x 80mm – 2 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless drill  Leg slats 30-40mm round wooden bar (curtain rod can work-can also be pine) 500mm long x 4 pieces. (NB let me know the diameter for drill bit – actual measurement as the label is normally wrong)
PSR Select cordless screw driver Legs 700 x 150mm – 4 pieces
Drill press 4 x bolts (6-8mm) min 60mm long – 2 pieces (if longer we can cut to size on set)
PBS 75 Belt Sander nuts to fit bolts – 4 pieces
  flat washers to fit bolts – 8 pieces
  8mm dowel stick – 1 piece
varnish – Indonesian teak 1 ltr
  wood filler – dark
  wood glue
  4 x 40 screws


Steps for Bedside table


Frame – attach top, bottom and sides.

  • Plane bottom shelf smaller to accommodate backing board
  • We can also cut out a shape in the side.
  • Fill holes with filler
  • Fit runner for drawers
  • Fit backing board


Drawer – Mark off and drill pilot holes where sides and back and front fit together.

  • Assemble drawer with front sides and back.
  • Fit slats for runners
  • Attach bottom
  • Drill holes for handle


Sand and varnish both frame and drawer.

Attach sponge, leather and decorate with fancy nails.

Fit handle on drawer front and insert into table.

Printable Plan

Bedside table