Printers Tray Clock

Inspired by a printers tray and a collection of sea shells Annalien and Peter set out to build a printers tray clock. This is truly a project to inspire you to build your own “themed” clock.

You will need:

Tools Materials
PCM 10 S compound mitre saw Pine 20mm (PAR)
PST 18 Jigsaw – NB Perspex blade  Frame sides 50mm x 440 mm – 4 pieces
PSR 1080 cordless drill driver Frame front edges 70mm x 550mm – 4 pieces
Pex sander Pine/supa wood 6mm
Bosch Glue gun insert slats 50 x 500mm – 6 pieces
Primo sander Masonite 3 mm 
PTK 14 Tacker (check if you don’t have order from Sebastian) Backing 440mm x 440mm – 1 piece
Framing kit (the one you have is fine. (check on “W” clips) Clock backing 250 x 250mm – 1 piece
Versatip plus fancy bits (I have bits) Clock mechanism (I will bring) 
  3.5 x 40mm screws
  Perspex 410 x 410mm (there is in the garage)
  Hanger bracket to put on the back (same as we used for the window frame hanging on your wall)
  clear varnish (water based)
  clear silicon (small tube) to glue Perspex into frame (hot melt wont work)
  decoration bits and pieces, sea sand etc. 
  Leather, material or textured paper – bigger than 250 x 250mm – 1 piece
  Cleats (we already have)

Follow these steps:

  1. Cut four pieces of wood for the printers tray frame to size to make a square.
  2. Mark out where inner masonite slats will fit
  3. Cut grooves in sides with mitre saw where you just marked
  4. Join printers tray frame together to forma square
  5. Attach backing board with staples, glue or screws 
  6. Varnish
  7. Cut front frame sides to size (at 45 deg on corners just like a picture frame)
  8. Assemble frame using framing staple kit 
  9. Router inner edge for Perspex
  10. Varnish frame
  11. Cut Perspex to size according to the routered edge size
  12. Cut out clock backing
  13. Decorate clock face
  14. Fit clock mechanism onto face
  15. Fit front frame to printers tray
  16. Attach hanger plate/clip at the back

Get the layout

Printers tray clock