Pratliglo Tray

This week on Show Me How. Gloria Bastos is joined by Mark Bell of Pratley. He introduces us to an interesting way to craft using the high gloss resin glo. He shows us the versatile uses of this product on tree logs, ostrich eggs, jewellery, and so much more. We will learn how to mix products to make the resin glo, creative cracks, creating different colour shades and so much more!  

By Mark Bell



  • 1 x Kraftex Pratliglo starter kit
  • Protective gloves, flat mixing spatula and 2 measuring cups
  • Acrylic Paint and paper design
  • Dust cover box


  • Step 1: Paint your wooden tray in the colour of your choice, using 2 coats of paint. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Glue a design of your choice onto the painted tray and ensure that It is completely stuck to the wood before pouring the Pratliglo on.
  • Step 3: The most important thing is to carefully read the instructions inside the Pratliglo box. You will need the ‘Kraftex’ Pratliglo and all of the above items. You will also need a dust cover or box to cover the tray after you have poured the Pratliglo. This is to prevent dust falling onto the Pratliglo whilst it cures – even the smallest speck of dust will ruin the finish.
  • Step 4: For a small tray you will only need to use about 25 ml from each Pratliglo bottle.  Wear protective gloves and avoid inhaling the vapour. Work in a well-ventilated area! First carefully pour, into the graduated mixing cup, 25 ml of the contents of the Pratliglo bottle with the white cap. Now pour the same amount, from the bottle with the black cap. To check this, place each of the Pratliglo bottles next to each other and verify exactly the same height of left over product in each bottle. IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT THE SAME VOLUME FROM EACH BOTTLE IS USED!
  • Step 5: Use a flat mixing spatula to stir/mix for about 1-2 minutes. Whilst stirring, use the spatula to scrape the sides of the cup. Now pour the mixed contents into the second cup and stir again. (This ensures thorough mixing with no unmixed material from the sides of the first cup.) Now pour the mixed Pratliglo into the tray. Start from the edge and spiral towards the centre. Use a small piece of card (such as a business card) to coax the Pratliglo into corners and uncovered patches. Pick up the tray and hold it at various angles to allow the Pratliglo to run in the dipped direction. Make sure that every part of the tray is covered. The Pratliglo will then spread and level itself if the tray is placed on an exactly level surface. You will notice small bubbles in the Pratliglo after pouring.
  • Step 6: Take a deep breath and slowly exhale onto the surface. The bubbles will pop and disappear like magic. Stubborn specks and bubbles should be removed with a toothpick. Take great care with this. Once all the bubbles have gone, cover with the dust cover and leave to cure for at least 24 hours. Full cure takes ± 72 hours. If you have made a few errors and don’t have a perfectly beautiful tray with a blemish free mirror-finish gloss, don’t worry. You can sand it using 600grit water paper and then pour on more Pratliglo.

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