Planter Box

Whether you’re limited on gardening space or looking to keep some herbs outside the kitchen door, a planter box is an effective way to solve the problem. This week’s episode will show you how to create a planter box with a 2 tier frame…

You will need:

Tools Materials
PST 18 JigSaw 18 mm ply wood
PSR 18 Cordless drill Box bottom 1000 mm x 600 mm – 1 piece
PEX 220 sander Box front and back 1000 mm x 200 – 2 pieces
PFS 2000 spray Box sides 964 mm x 200 mm – 2 pieces
Pof 1400 router Legs 900 mm x 90mm – 8 pieces
PTK 3.6 tacker plus 6-8mm staples Legs 900 mm x 54 mm – 8 pieces
PMF Multi tool with sander attachment Leg bottoms 130 mm x 130mm – 4 pieces
  Slats 600mm x 80mm – 8 pieces
  Slat support 800 x 50mm – 1 piece
  Pine PAR 50 x 70mm
  Long Sides 800mm – 4 pieces
  Short sides 600 mm – 4 pieces
  Plastic/Weed cloth to line box +/- 2mtr x 2mtr
  waterproof glue
  4 x 40mm screws
  4 x 75mm screws
  Linseed oil or water-based varnish

Follow these steps:

  • Steps:
    • Legs – Join four sides to make a bulkier look (repeat for all four legs)
    • Router edges of leg caps and foot pieces
    • Attach foot piece and leg cap to each leg
    • Cut bottom and top frame to size
    • Assemble both frames
    • Attach frame to legs
    • Attach slats to the bottom frame
    • Build the box frame.
    • Drill drainage holes for excess water
    • Sand and varnish legs and box
    • Assemble
    • Attach plastic lining
    • Fill with potting soil and plant

Take a closer look

Download the layout plan

>> Click here to download the planter box pdf