Pewter Mini Teaspoon Tray

Pewter Mini Teaspoon Tray
by Elize Roodt
Pewter Art Academy


  • Pewter tools: – tracer tool, ball tool, Teflon tool and paper pen
  • Mini wooden tray Pratliglo or similar sealant
  • Lead Free Pewter sheet Original Design & Tracing Paper
  • Felt or other soft surface Pewter glue
  • Ruler, pencil & scissors Metholated Spirits
  • Patina & Latex Gloves Metal Polish (Brasso)
  • Batting or cotton wool Tissue paper & soft cloth for polishing


  • Step 1: Buy a mini tray from a craft store near you and paint it in a colour of your choice.
  • Step 2: Trace design onto tracing paper.
  • Step 3: Cut pewter to fit 3 spoon designs.
  • Step 4: Place designs on pewter and secure with masking tape/prestik.
  • Step 5: Place on felt and trace designs with tracer tool onto the pewter.
  • Step 6: Remove tracing paper.
  • Step 7: Apply lubricant with cotton wool on pewter (baby oil/cooking oil) to facilitate smooth movement. (remove excess oil with tissue)
  • Step 8: Still on felt/soft cloth, retrace the lines with ball or teflon tool to achieve thicker embossed lines.
  • Step 9: Remove felt and turn pewter around on a hard smooth surface like glass.
  • Step 10: Flatten the areas around all the embossed lines with the paper pen(torchon).
  • Step 11: Steps 8-10 can be repeated until the lines are all well defined.
  • Step 12: Teflon tool can be used to create crisp edges around all the lines.
  • Step 13: Clean both sides of the pewter with metholated spirits to remove any grease.Step 14: Place on newspaper (right side up) and apply patina with batting, wearing gloves and in a well ventilated room.
  • Step 15: The patina will react with the pewter and turn black.
  • Step 16: Blot IMMEDIATELY with tissue paper or rinse in water to stop the chemical reaction.
  • Step 17: Leave to dry.
  • Step 18: Remove as much of the black as you want with metal polish (Brasso) on cotton wool.
  • Step 19: Wipe excess polish with clean cotton wool and start to buff until shiny.
  • Step 20: Cut out each teaspoon with a cutter on a glass surface.
  • Step 21: Apply pewter glue on the back of each spoon and position in the tray. Press down gently.
  • Step 22: Leave to dry.
  • Step 23: Mix Pratliglo* according to instructions on the box and pour onto the pewter inside the tray to cover and protect the pewter.
  • Step 24: Cover with glad wrap to protect from dust and other particles.
  • Step 25: Curing time of Pratliglo coating is approximately 72 hours.

* Pratliglo is available at most craft shops and some hardware shops.