Pewter Framed Art – Lady

Pewter Framed Art – Lady
by Elize Roodt
Pewter Art Academy


  • Pewter tools: – tracer tool, ball tool, Teflon tool and paper pen
  • Picture frame and board to mount the picture onto
  • Lead Free Pewter sheet Original Design & Tracing Paper
  • Felt or other soft surface Pewter glue
  • Ruler, pencil & scissors Metholated Spirits
  • Patina & Latex Gloves Metal Polish (Brasso)
  • Batting or cotton wool Tissue paper & soft cloth for polishing


  • Step 1: Trace design onto tracing paper.
  • Step 2: Cut pewter to size
  • Step 3: Place pewter on felt and secure traced design on the pewter with masking tape/prestik.
  • Step 4: Trace the design onto the pewter with tracer tool.
  • Step 5: Remove tracing paper.
  • Step 6: Turn pewter around, still on felt and start pressing out the figure with paper pen and finger, to get a smooth effect. Don’t push out too much the first time.
  • Step 7: Remove felt and turn pewter around on a hard smooth surface like glass.
  • Step 8: Flatten the whole area around the figure with paper pen, right up to the trace line of the design.
  • Step 9: Steps 6-8 must be repeated 2-3 times until desired depth and shape is achieved.
  • Step 10: To achieve a neat crisp finish, retrace the edge of the design with the Teflon tool.
  • Step 11: Clean both sides of the pewter with metholated spirits to remove all marks.
  • Step 12: Melt wax over low temperature and fill the embossed design from the back to support the shape. Let wax set and cool down.
  • Step 13: Turn pewter around (right side up) and place on newspaper.
  • Step 14: Apply patina with batting, wearing gloves and in a well ventilated room.
  • Step 15: The patina reacts with the pewter and turns black.
  • Step 16: Blot IMMEDIATELY with tissue paper or rinse in water to stop the chemical reaction.
  • Step 17: Leave to dry.
  • Step 18: Use a metal polish (Brasso) on cotton wool to remove as much black as you want to.
  • Step 19: Wipe excess polish with clean cotton wool and start to buff until shiny.
  • Step 20: Apply pewter glue on the back of the pewter and stick on a hard board that can be framed.