Peter’s Smoked Trout Soup

Recipe by: Peter Russel-Clarke

Servings: 4 | Prep Time: –1 hour | Skill Level: 1 (Easy)


  • obtain 1 or 2 good smoked trout
  • 3–4 cups good beef stock
  • handful of baby spinach leaves


  1. Skin trout and de-bone them. Put everything – heads, tails, skin, etc. – except the marvellous flesh into an appropriately sized pot with the beef stock. I don’t use fish stock, as I want the full flavour of the beef. I also don’t add salt as, if one is using commercially made stock then it’s got plenty of salt in it or, if you’ve made your own stock, no doubt you will have used salt in its creation.
  2. Boil the lot for enough time for the flavour to be boiled out from the skin and bones, and serve the clear liquid with a little of the flesh you’d put aside, plus a couple of small spinach leaves. Do not be tempted to add cream or, indeed, anything else.
  3. Do not add salt, but include a bottle of pinot grigio on the table.


  • The remaining trout flesh can be served, either alongside the soup or separately another time, on raw spinach leaves sprinkled judiciously with shaved Parmesan and decorated with a circle of peeled orange. I then splash a little mirin over the lot and serve. Crisp iceberg lettuce is a good substitute for spinach, and either sweet sherry or lemon juice instead of mirin.