Paper Flowers

This week on Show Me How, we have a colourful time in studio with Lucinda Markram of Luna Artistry who teaches us the art of creating crepe paper flowers.

Flower Wall Hangning
By Lucinda Markram

Luna Artistry – TEL: 082 510 1074

  • Petal & Leaf templates
  • Crepe paper in your colour of choice for Petals
  • Crepe paper in your colour of choice for center and leaves
  • Polystyrene balls, Dowel Stick, String & scissors
  • Glue Gun & Glue sticks

Crepe paper is directional so make sure the grain is vertical when you’re cutting the flower pieces.

  • Step 1: Use your template as a guide and cut out the Petals.
  • Step 2: Cupping
    • With both hands, pull from the center of the petal outward. This will create a cupping of the paper, which makes the petal look more realistic.
  • Step 3:Find the center of the polystyrene ball and cut in half. Cut a little circle of green crepe for a contrasting center base of your Ranunculus flower. Stretch the paper a little and glue to the top of the polystyrene ball.
  • Step 4: Creating the Ranunculus Flower
    • Start with your Inner petals. Apply a small amount of glue along the straight bottom edge. The first petals will form the very center circle. Place the first petal so that the top edge almost meets the center of the polystyrene ball, hold the petal down so it sticks properly. Glue the edge of your next petal and overlap the previous petal, positioning it so it forms a little curve away from the previous one. Continue doing this with your next petals until you have formed your center circle. You will continue overlapping your petals, until the flower is complete. You will be able to keep track of where you need to place your next petal because the last petal you glued down will be the one that hasn’t been overlapped yet. Your next set of petals are the outer petals, continue overlapping the petals as before and applying a little glue along the bottom edge.
  • Step 5: Use your template as a guide and cut out as many leaves as you need.
  • Step 6 :Create the Flower Wall Hanging
    • Now all you need to do is attach your flowers and leaves to the string. Use your glue gun to stick them on. Then, tie the strings onto your dowel stick.
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