Pallet Bench & Table

In this week’s episode of Get It Done, we repurpose pallets to make a bench and coffee table, perfect for a patio.

You will need:



Cordless Jigsaw Pallets NB Good – 3 pieces all the same size
POF Router wood glue
18 Volt Cordless drill driver 4 x 40mm screws
PSR1080 cordless screwdriver 4 x 60mm screws
Pex sander Clear Water based sealant – 1 ltrs
PFS 2000 spray gun 70 mm castor wheels – 4 pieces
PSA Sabre saw plus pallet cutting blades

Follow these steps:

Pallet Chair

  1. Start by cutting pallet to correct size. Join two pallets together to make the base
  2. Cut pallet to size for back rest
  3. Cut arm rest and legs from the rest of the pallet.
  4. Attach legs
  5. Attach arm rests to back rest
  6. Sand and varnish

Pallet table

  1. Cut two pallets to desired size
  2. Join together on top of each other
  3. Sand and varnish
  4. Attach wheels

Download the PDF:

>> PDF download for the pallet bench