Owl Box Instructions


  1. To build our owl box the first step is to attach your two upright sides to the base by first drilling three pilot holes on each side of base (where your sides are going to be) and then putting a generous amount of water-proof wood-glue on each side of the base and screwing the upright sides in place (at least three screws per side).
  2. Put the screws in from underneath the base and into the upright sides.
  3. Once that’s done, turn the base over and attach the top piece to the two sides. (basically build a box with the front and back open).
  4. Drill a few holes into the base for drainage using a large drillbit.
  5. Attach a piece of wood that’s at least 200mm longer than the back piece and about 50mm wide onto the back piece (this is what you’ll use to attach the whole thing to your tree) and then secure the back piece to the already built box (now it should only be open on one end, the front).
  6. Cut a piece that’s 50mm high and the same width as the front and attach it the front at the bottom (this is to stop the eggs rolling out).
  7. Cut other piece that’s 150mm high and the same width as the front and attach it to the top of the front (this is simply decorative and serves to partially close off the front, you can make it larger if you wish).
  8. Coat the whole thing with boiled linseed oil (it’s important to use boiled linseed oil as it’ non-toxic).
  9. Attach it to the tree using two large coach-screws (these go thorough the longer piece you attached to the back and into the tree).
  10. Remember to place it at least 5m off the ground.



Download PDF Instructions