Never Too Small

Growing populations and land scarcity are squeezing our cities, and around the world, people are turning to more affordable and smaller homes. Never Too Small sits down with award-winning designers and architects to break down their tiny homes, micro-apartments, cabins and more, revealing how urban design and architecture will shape how we live, how we work and how we socialise.

Built upon an existing YouTube series with more than 41-million views, Never Too Small explores the experimentation and self-expression on the path to perfecting design, travelling across the globe in search of the best small spaces.

Each episode explores a new theme, from preserving historic buildings, sustainability in rural areas to life in the most densely populated cities in the world – speaking to the architects who transform small spaces into homes.

Designed well, no space is ever too small.

Episode 1

Architects and designers around Australia reuse existing builds to create efficient and clever micro-apartments.

Episode 2

As cities grow denser, our homes need to grow as we do and shrink as we age, these purposeful designs are ready for our different stages of life.

Episode 3

Where others see an impossibly tiny apartment, these architects see an opportunity for a flexibly designed home smaller than the average living room.

Episode 4

A converted boat in London, and an apartment built into a concrete pipe, this is how we build well-designed homes in the world’s busiest places.

Episode 5

Go off-grid without compromise, these micro-getaways incorporate high-efficiency solar alongside tried and tested materials all in a small footprint.

Episode 6

Australian apartment living has become synonymous with cramped, uncomfortable and cold. But what does the future of apartment and urban living really look like?

Episode 7

As the needs of city residents change, commercial buildings are being transformed into modern homes, and the idea of adaptive reuse is taking hold.

Episode 8

These homes look beyond their floor space, building clever mezzanines and loft bedrooms to take advantage of height and open up the home.

Episode 9

How can we make our small spaces work harder in less than 30 square metres? Designs that slide, fold and conceal, just as these tiny spaces do.

Episode 10

A luxurious experience in a small footprint – these sustainable homes away from home are the future of our holidays.

Episode 11

Tailored to their owners from the ground up, these homes are where purpose-led design meets small footprint architecture.

Episode 12

Purpose-led, small-footprint design has found its way into this large apartment, a granny flat and a holiday home.