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My Dream Home is now on it’s 7th season with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, who help couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into incredible dream homes. First, Drew tracks down hidden gems with untapped potential, and then it’s up to identical twin brother Jonathan to expertly overhaul these ramshackle properties.

Episode 1

Nicole and Matt

While chasing her dream of becoming a musician, Nicole has moved a dizzying 27 times. But now as her career takes flight, she’s finally ready settle down in Nashville.

Episode 2

Sandy and Patt

Sandy and Pat recently relocated to Nashville for his new dream job. After living in limbo in a tiny apartment, it’s high time to put down roots in a contemporary home of their own.

Episode 3

Carolyn and Brad

Carolyn, Brad, and their two kids have been supporting grandma through a tough time. After two years of living under the same roof, they’re ready to move into a family home of their own.

Episode 4

Ryan and Julie

Julie and Ryan moved back to his hometown Nashville to be closer to family.  Now they are desperate to get out of a bedroom and into a forever home of their own.

Episode 5

Ashley and Aben

Ashley, Aben and their baby boy moved into her dad’s cramped condo. Now they are eager to find their forever home near Nashville’s legendary Music Row. 

Episode 6

Janna and Jason

After a whirlwind romance, Janna and Jason travelled the world and tied the knot. Now they’re looking for a sprawling urban dream home where they can raise a family.

Episode 7

Patrick and Julie

Patrick and Julie have been chasing their dream home for the better part of a year. After visiting more than 200 properties and losing out on 14 bids, they’re just about ready to give up.

Episode 8

Carolyn and Gerald

After more than 30 years in their rented farm home, Carolyn and Gerald are hunting for a rural retirement home of their own. They need plenty of space to entertain family and friends.

Episode 9


Beverly moved back into her childhood home to help settle her parents’ estate. Now she’s ready for a fresh new start, and is looking for a modern turnkey property that’s close to the country and her beloved horse.

Episode 10

David and Eleni

David and Eleni sold their house to get into a neighbourhood with better schools. Along with their two little girls, have moved in with grandma and grandpa until they find a place of their own.

Episode 11

Pat and Tania

Tania, Pat, and their twin toddlers live too close to a highway and an amusement park. Though they’re eager to relocate, they’ve already visited 50-plus listings and have lost more than ten bidding wars. 

Episode 12

Johanna and Sean

After four moves in nine years, Johanna and Sean are tired of living like nomads. They’re ready to trade their rented townhouse for a perfectly customized forever home.

Episode 13

Dereck and Christine

Dereck and Christine gave up their tiny urban condo to find a detached home with more space. After looking at scores of listings and missing out on four offers, it looks like they’re back at Mom and Dad’s for good.