My Dream Derelict Home

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Presenter and property renovator Simon O’Brien, follows people not afraid to take on huge building projects, people who see past decay and disrepair and have the vision and stamina to turn a derelict old house, into the modern home of their dreams. Each episode tracks the transformation of a dilapidated ruin into a perfect home, while also showcasing successful past projects.

Episode 1 Nick & Tamsin Fryer

First-time homeowners Nick and Tamsin Fryer battle to rescue a Victorian semi-detached house in Harrogate, North Yorkshire on a shoestring budget of just forty thousand pounds. With money extremely tight, landscape gardener Nick embarks on a one-man mission to renovate the whole of their three storey home – but can he finish it?

Episode 2 Dylan & Veronica Chapman

For thirty years chimney sweEpisode Dylan Chapman has harboured a childhood dream to live in a home made of Yorkshire stone. Can Dylan and his wife Veronica find enough funds to build their dream home? And survive life in a cold cramped caravan, in order to turn a derelict workshop into a stunning family home full of unique and personal touches. 

Episode 3 Marcus and Cath Camara

Self-employed joiner Marcus Camara and his wife Catherine want to rescue an eighteenth century derelict farmhouse and turn it into their dream home. Can Marcus overcome a serious back injury and mounting financial pressures to build the home they have always wanted? Simon O’Brien finds out. 

Episode 4 – Kriss and Michelle Clayton

Simon O’Brien meets first-time renovators Kriss and Michelle Clayton, who want to transform a run-down Derbyshire farmhouse into their dream home and farmstead. The couple have to battle against all kinds of obstacles including severe weather and financial to renovate their 18th century wreck – but can they overcome them?

Episode 5 Mick and Liz Forfar

Carpenter Mick Forfar wants to rescue a tired and unloved Georgian mansion in Portsmouth and transform into a state of the art contemporary home with a huge glazed section at the rear. Can Mick and his wife Liz find the funds for their hugely ambitious renovation and create the dream home they’ve always wanted?  

Episode 6 Kevin and Amanda Barry

Bricklayer Kevin Barry wants to turn a huge run-down Victorian mansion into his perfect family home.  Can Kevin convince his wife Amanda, who wants to emigrate to Australia, or should they stay in the UK?  Simon O’Brien discovers whether Kevin’s attempt to create their dream home will win the day.  

Episode 7 Richard and Emma Meaden

Motoring journalist Richard Meaden and his wife Emma spent eight years searching for their dream home before they opted to transform a tumbledown cottage at Stilton, Cambridgeshire. The first-time renovators have ambitious plans to restore their crumbling 17th century farmhouse which includes adding a two storey extension.  But will their budget match up to their vision?

Episode 8 Stephen and Jo Holness

Former kitchen fitter Stephen Holness and his wife Jo share a dream to transform a roofless Pembrokeshire pig sty and chicken coop into their dream retirement home. It’s a one-man mission for Stephen who is doing almost all the work himself.  Simon O’Brien discovers whether this ambitious venture, which risks their retirement funds, will actually pay off.

Episode 9 Andy and Marie Wilson

Handyman Andy Wilson and his wife Marie hope to transform a run-down Edwardian house in Derbyshire into a beautiful family home. The couple face a race against time to sell their current Victorian home to fund their ambitious renovation.  Simon O’Brien discovers whether they will find the money and time to complete their mission.

Episode 10 David Clark & Rosie Brownhill

Architectural designer David Clark and his partner Rosie Brownhill hope to turn a derelict Methodist chapel near New Mills, Derbyshire into an ultra modern home. Can they overcome severe winter weather and rehome a colony of resident bats to make their four bedroomed dream home become a reality?  Simon O’Brien finds out.

Episode 11 Matt & Margareta

Matt and Margareta Marples have ambitious plans to transform a former dairy into a stylish family home.  The couple have waged a three year battle to gain planning permission to convert the run-down site. But will this massive renovation give them the home they’ve always dreamt of?

Episode 12 Adrian and Dawn Dobson

Adrian and Dawn Dobson gamble everything on converting and extending a run-down 18th century mineworker’s cottage near Bridgnorth, Shroprshire into a beautiful country home. Their ambitious plans include building two new extensions, which will more than double the size of their home.   But an unexpected turn of events threatens the whole project.

Episode 13 Bryan and Mari-Ann Kaushiva

Bryan and Mari-Ann Kaushiva hope to turn a run-down Victorian servants’ training school in Wakefield, West Yorkshire into an amazing family home. Engineer Bryan embarks on a one man mission to complete the work – but as the couple battle with rising costs and trying to secure a mortgage, the project’s future is plunged into doubt.   

Episode 14 Alan Mitchell

In Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire, investment manager Alan Mitchell hopes to transform a derelict 18th century threshing barn into a fantastic country home.  It’s an ambitious and risky £300,000 renovation to convert farm buildings into a state of the art contemporary home – but will Alan find the funds to pay for his grand plans?

Episode 15 – Chris & Jemma

In Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, husband and wife-to-be Chris and Jemma Clements want to create a perfect home out of a 17th century cottage which is on the point of collapse. With money tight, plasterer Chris and father-in-law Russ hope to use their own building skills to transform this grade II listed house – but will the house get the better of them?